Thursday, July 05, 2007

Googling Leftover Thoughts

There are days when I just click the link to my blog probably more than 10 times in a day, and just do nothing. Like looking at my self at a mirror, appreciating something, then forgetting the whole thing. Then repeat the same process over and over again.

Sometimes I check technorati as to who linked to me. My blog authority still stands at 56, with over 150 reactions. I don’t really know its significance. I guess it has something to do with popularity. Hundreds of thousands of blogs out there are probably better.

Many times I viewed my site meter, eager to know my visitors. I thank them all for the visit. There are those who found my site thru google’s search engine, using keywords such as koreanovela, love poems, etc... This made me wonder. How searchable am I? So I tried searching for ‘leftover thoughts’. The result surprised me. My site appeared on top of the others on the first page of this particular search.


Brennan Mercado said...

out of boredom perhaps, i typed my complete name in google last month. i don't know if i should be happy with the results - aside from the links to all my blog entries, my friendster account and my flicker pages were also indexed.

lazarus said...

brennan, i am amazed at how google works. We can search anytime, even some long lost friends.

lazarus said...

And when i view my sitemeter lately, plenty of the visits are from search engines.

dodongflores said...

Amazing, indeed! I can just type the word "Lazarus" at the search field and I will be brought right away to your site :)