Monday, July 02, 2007

PBB and the Hag

It was PBB’s big four night last Saturday. It seemed like majority of the crowd were booing Wendy. Had they allowed bottled water at the coliseum, it would have rained on her. I pitied the girl. But I guess that this could be her ticket to fame or notoriety. Someone from the show commented that Wendy would be a good kontrabida. And I think I agree.

I sent my text vote for Bea. I typed ‘PBB BEATRIZ’ and sent it to 2366. Toink! When I watched again the instructions on the screen, I realized my mistake. I should have typed “BB BEATRIZ” then send it to 231. I sent another one, this time to the right number and received an acknowledgement. Then I sent another vote. But I received a reply that voting was already closed.

I wasn’t really watching the whole show. I was in a room reading a chapter of a novel I haven’t finished for months. I just came down when the winner was announced. Why Bea? She has this contagious laughter (or annoying shrieks). She’s cool. Perhaps people voted for her because of Wendy.

--- ** ---

Thursday last week, some of my officemates from Cebu arrived, and we had dinner together at one of the Tapsilogan near Adriatico Street in Malate.

While we were munching our meals, an old woman, who can be mistaken as a mangkukulam, approached us. She was murmuring as if reciting some incantations. My colleague pulled out a 5-peso coin and gave it to her.

She complained. “Limang piso lang ba ang katumbas ng buhay mo? Anong tingin mo sa akin?”

We were shocked at her reaction. She kept on cursing. We became irritated and called the waiter. They were not able to do anything so we just played along with this hag.

Then she looked at me, like a witch ready to summon fire. “Ikaw, bigyan mo ako ng baynte” she commanded.

I kept my cool. “Diez lang lola. La na akong barya.” I let out a smile. “Kung di mo tatanggapin, baka wala ka nang matanggap pa. Dali, meron pa dung mga amerikano sa kabilang tindahan. Hingian mo rin.”

She smiled and took the coins. She looked at one of our younger colleagues who was seated nearest to her. “Ikaw, kiss lang.” We laughed as he moved away.

“Joke joke lang” She said with an evil grin. “Salamat na lang sa barya.”

“Sige lola, ingat” we chorused.

We were thinking for a minute. Had she shown us needles and a doll, it could have been scarier. We continued our meal while watching her do the same antics at a group of foreigners across the street.


Francesca said...

lokong lola yun ah: pag ke frenchman niya gawin yun, mabit bit siya sa kwelyo ng damit nya, haha.
Teka, nakadamit baga?

SA PBB naman, napanood ko sa internet yung copy ni wendy.
Bakit ganun, bakla!

lady cess said...

ang bait mo naman dun sa lola.

napanood ko rin yung pbb, pero i didnt vote. saka yung announcement of winners lang ang napanood ko, i was with friends that night who insisted on watching the show :D turned-off nga rin ako sa asal nitong wendy.

freeze said...

In milan, the beggar didn't accept our offer of McDo french fries, she wanted cash! (I think this goes across Europe.)

"Beggars shouldn't be choosers.", right?

freeze said...

Contrary to Wendy's claim that "nagpaka-totoo" siya, she made a mockery of herself by being "antipatika". I can't believe she still got a million votes for that. hahaha

tutubi said...

scary sight of a cussin' witch?

then nagreklamo pa sa barya? hehe

lazarus said...

Francesca, lola was carrying with something we thought of as 'buntot ng pagi'. Grabe talaga si lola, tinakot pa kami, tapos, joke joke lang pala.

cess, nakaka turn off nga etong si wendy. kawawa ba si bruce? or they just deserve each other.

lazarus said...

freeze, singko lang ba kapalit ng buhay ng tao? Shock kami nung sinabi nya yun. In a sense, she's right naman, but my friend gave the 5-peso coin with all sincerity not just to draw her away.

as to wendy, it's possible that some rich backers voted for her.

tutubi, si lola talaga katatakot yung approach. ewan ko lang kung may nakuha sya dun sa grupo ng mga puti.

tin-tin said...

buti na lang mabait ka. hehehe. pero taray nung lola ha.

fan ka pala ni bea. ayoko na pag-usapan si wendy kse sumisikat siya. hehehe ;p

zherwin said...

nag-english kaya si lola sa mga foreigners? hehehe.

i don't dig PBB, alam ko kasi lokohan lang sya hehe.

jho said...

i don't watch PBB. Ewan ko ba, di ko feel yun,

Ok din si lola ha.

San ba yan tapilogan na yan sa malate? Open ba pag umaga yan?

annamanila said...

I caught the PBB finals and really enjoyed Candy Pangilinan's version of one of the finalists. She's really good.

I also spent e-loads voting for my Philippine idol faves and so I could relate how we viewers get involved, even as I realize how we are milked for all we're worth. But I guess its a small price to pay for the enjoyment and the moment's absorption .. di ba?

The lola -- oh if she could just blog ha. The tales she can tell. She must be a Mae West gone to very hard times. But I agree she shouldn't be let lose on unsuspecting folks out to have a good time. But she did give you comic break, didn't she. But again I will add my patent: 'signs of the times.'

julai said...

hi Lazarus,thanks for visiting my blog.ngayon lng ako nakabalik sa apartment at kanina ko lng napanood ang pbb big night.soo happy that bea made it..di nga lng ako nag vote kc i tried sa internet may bayad pala..ahehe..
oo nga bagay na kontrabida si wendy..for sure sisikat siya kasi kontrobersyal..