Friday, June 29, 2007

In The Hot Seat

I’m in the hot seat again. This time, I was interviewed by the widely-traveled Gypsy. Sorry for taking so long to answer your set of questions. It took me quite a while to recover from the stress brought about by answering those of Annamanila. It’s actually my fault. What about a presscon next time?

Kidding aside, here I am again exposing myself.

1. I once read about you helping your wife do housechores. So what is the housechore you perform that you think you can do best?

I can cook. I know how to wash clothes. I can wash the dishes too. Wives love that. But my wife won’t let me. Many times I insisted. Most of the time, we compete as to who’s the better cook. Of course, she's wins.

2. What’s the story behind your header graphics? Is it because you’re a big pizza fan or is there a deeper, more “profound” reason for the header?

Ah, the header! There’s nothing profound really. I can’t find a picture for leftover foods. So I just plucked from somewhere this pic, then paste it in powerpoint plus a few designs, then saved it as a jpeg file. Then I uploaded it as my header.

3. You seem like a romantic person from the posts you have on love, so can tell us how you proposed to your wife? And if you have to do the proposal again, how would you do it?

Hmmm… After dinner at a restaurant, we took a stroll in a park, happily hand in hand. When we reached at a footbridge, we stopped, gazed at the stars, and admired its wonders. Then out of the blue, I pulled out the engagement ring and asked her to marry me.

There could be other ways to propose, you know. We’ve seen them in the movies. One of these days, I’d surprise her again.

4. You have one post (as far as I checked!) in Cebuano. What “triggered” you to post in Cebuano and what would trigger you to post in Cebuano again?

I really love writing in Cebuano. I love the dialect. I used to read the “Bisaya” magazine and the Cebuano Bible when I was still a kid. I have a few poems in Cebuano, too. Maybe I should make a separate blog for all my cebuano posts.

When I wrote my latest Cebuano post, this question was not really in my mind. I think I’ll post another, two months from now.

5. If you were given the chance to join any of the reality or game shows in TV (PBB, Deal or no Deal, etc), which two would you choose to join and why?

The PBB and the “Deal or No deal” do not appeal to me. I can’t be on PBB. I’m too reserved and camera-shy. I don’t think I can stand in Kris’ presence, too. You know what I mean.

But I’m a big fan of the Battle of the Brains and Jeopardy. What does that say about me?


vernaloo said...

that tells me you're brainy hehe :)

Me I want to end up with a man who knows how to do household chores. I don't mean he will be the one to do it. Actually I won't allow him to clean the house or wash the clothes. But it's just nice to know that he knows those stuff =)

lazarus said...

verns, actually, nangarap lang na maging brainy! ha ha.

badoodles said...

sana ganyan din ako nag-propose. kala ko kasi cute saka romantic ung bigla ko lang binigay ung supot ng pandesal [andun ung engagement ring]. hehe. nabadtrip. pautos pa ung linyang binitawan ko. kulang lang ako siguro ng romance sa katawan. mas gusto pa naman ng babae ung sweet na malambing. inis. hehe!

Gypsy said...

Hey, great answers! Thanks :) I agree with Verns--brainy ka! Actually I could've chosen those two, too :) I also cannot stand Kris A. Hehe. Thanks again!

lazarus said...

badoodles, hirap din ng right timing. These are just some moments na mahirap i-correct kung tapos na. Buti na lang she did not turn you down.

Abaniko said...

"But I’m a big fan of the Battle of the Brains and Jeopardy. What does that say about me?"

You're a NERD! And that's a compliment. Hehe.

lazarus said...

gypsy, thanks for taking the time to interview me. for also choosing the two, brainy ka rin. ha ha.

abaniko, nerd ako? hanggang weird lang siguro. ha ha.