Friday, June 15, 2007


I’ve been blogging about football for sometime now. Let’s try NBA this time.

So who won? If you think it’s the Bulls, or the Lakers, you’re simply out of the NBA circulation for quite a long time. The Bulls last won it in 1998, during the Jordan era. The Lakers won it last in 2002, with Phil, Shaq and Kobe at core.

It’s the Spurs who won it this year. They’ve done it thrice in the last five years. And they did it in a convincing 4-0 sweep against the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers. Sorry Cavs fans out there. This is not your time yet. With LeBron around, you don’t have to wait for another 43 years for the trophy.

I was about to be root for the Cavs after they dumped my Pistons. The amazing LeBron James just can’t find his shot in the finals. Or it was just short of his amazing plays against the Pistons in the conference finals. But this is the mighty Spurs he is against with this time. Parker came out as the better player.

To lose in the finals is one thing. But to be swept is another. It’s like being kayoed without even hitting the opponent. Ah, it hurts! But there is no need for James, nor his followers, to whine about it. He is still young and he already carried his team to the finals. It’s a rare feat. He is no Jordan, nor Kobe. He is LeBron James, a legend in the making.

A consolation for James though. His girlfriend gave birth to Bryce Maximus James, their second child, hours before game 4. Congrats LeBron! I hope to see your team in NBA finals again next year.


vernaloo said...

Oh...I no longer follow the NBA games nowadays. The last time I was super "tutok" to it was when the Lakers won and like you mentioned, that was in 2002...sheesh 5 years ago hehe :)

CM said...

Spurs pa rin ang panalo! wow! hindi kumukupas ang galing nila ah. :)

nasusubaybay yan ko lang ang NBA last year. thanks sa balita. im a big fan of spurs. :)

lazarus said...

Verns, i know you want to abolish basketball because of ****. he he.

Tin, spurs fan ka pala. Sino favorite player mo?

the bystander said...

I'm a Pistons fan and would have wanted a Pistons - Spurs rematch. LeBron said no and ended up being swept instead.

I'm pretty sure this will not be LeBron's first and last finals appearance. With a right coach and a perfect supporting cast similar to what Jordan had with the Bulls, it will not be long until the Cavaliers capture their first NBA championship.

Annamanila said...

I dont anymore watch basketball and so I cannot comment in any informed way.

Anyway, may I post here the five 'interview me' questions i prepared for you.

1. What was the most exquisite thing you have ever said or did in anger or loss of temper?
2. If you believe that nothing happens for no reason, what do you think was the purpose of your strict uncle's coming and going in your life. What are your left over thoughts about him.
3. What will it take to completely unmask you. Tell us what you are -- with all masks removed -- in one word or one sentence.
4. Do you identify with the Biblical Lazarus? Why? Otherwise, how did you fancy yourself as a a Lazarus?
5. Have you ever felt hurnt out in the year or so you have been blogging. How did you bunce back.

Toe said...

Tennis and basketball are regular dinner conversation fare between me and my husband. :) I couldn't get basketball as much as I could understand tennis though. Pero grabe talaga yung sweep. It made the finals not so exciting.

Lazarus said...

Toe, everytime the Spurs plays the finals, the NBA always gets a very poor TV rating.

Perhaps its their kind of play, which is more fluid and without much flare. Or it could be the expressionless Duncan. But when Manu and Parker play, I think they're fun to watch.

zherwin said...

sabi nga, spurs is the new dynasty. when michael jordan retired, i was left with "no team". for a while, i rooted for pistons, but it was the very un-superstar humbleness of tim duncan that made me hooked to the spurs. then manu came, and parker and then the spurs are up there!

some people say that the spurs are boring (sorry, no kobe or shaq or even t-mac here) but who cares, as long the team efficiency is there, they'll just keep on winning. i say they can still win one or two more championships in five years, beyond that i don't know, unless someone as young as parker and as good as duncan will come...

Mommy Chi said...

that's why my brother's been so down lately... natalo ang kanyang number 1 idol. i'm not really into basketball... i don't even know how the game goes. i just watch the games whenever my husband watches it. :)