Monday, June 04, 2007

Post 101: 15 Tips for School

Today is the first day of class for most students. I remember my own fist time in the university. There was this certain feeling of awe and fear when I first passed the halls and entered the classroom. Good thing there was this pretty girl seated not far from me. And she smiled at me too. It already made my day.

To all freshies, here are 15 tips of what you should do on the first day and on the first week. Remember, first impressions last. You can be famous.

1. Befriend the best-looking girl/boy in class. If you think you’re the best-looking girl/boy in class, befriend everyone.
2. Befriend the nerds and the geniuses, or even the genius-looking. You can borrow some of their brains.
3. Study well on your first few exams. Top it as much as possible. Then everyone else will recognize you. When you’re already on top, you’d be forced to maintain your lofty status. So, you’ll probably graduate with honors.
4. Volunteer to lead small groups. Everyone else is just scared.
5. Avoid those who belittled you in high school. They’re a hindrance to your goals.
6. Create a new image.
7. Buy new clothes, perfumes, bags, ballpens and notebooks.
8. Make sure your teacher recognize you. Correct him of any mispronunciation of your name, and then wink at the best-looking girl/boy in class.
9. Recite, ask questions and defend a classmate in a debate.
10. Don’t pretend to know everything. Just throw back the question.
11. Speak louder on topics you know very well.
12. Join a reputable campus organization.
13. If you choose to be an activist, look like an intellectual, not a peasant.
14. Don’t be too attached to anybody or any group. Hang out with all groups, if possible.
15. Eat where the masses eat. Like in the famous carenderia outside school. But visit the canteen once in a while.

I love college better than high school because of the above. I was almost famous.


tin said...

wow, nice guide for the freshies out there. ;)

Abaniko said...

I'd like to add: 1) review lessons for an hour or two every weekday so you avoid cramming for exams and 2) enjoy your weekends without thinking about school.

the bystander said...

uy, new header and template! much better than the previous one.

haha. that's what you call first day high.

vernaloo said...

hey I agree with you. College is the best..way way better than HS!

Additional tip: don't sit on the back if you don't want to be labeled dumb and lazy. Usually the jocks/varsity players are the ones sitting at the back of the classroom hehe

lazarus said...

tin, usually ang sikat sa first maging sikat all the way till graduation. of course meron few late bloomers.

abaniko, your tios are good for every student all year round.

lazarus said...

bai bystander, thanks! medyo ok na blogger kay its a little tweaking ra man diay sa html. pwede na pud kabutang ug image sa header.

verns, when you sit at the back, recite a lot and speak with a loud voice. dapat lilingon lahat sa iyo. he he. it's one way of getting everyone's attention, in a good way. nung first year ako, i sat at the back. nung fourth year na, sa front na, with all the other back-sitters. biglang nagtaka ang mga usual front-sitters why we took their seats.

fence said...

#16. Panguyab ug daghan. Tanang pwede panguyaban, panguyabi. Way labot ang naa nay uyab or military ang erpat or igsuon. Ug graduate na ka sa college, lisud na manguyab ug kolehiyala. Basta naay gamayng binta, bira! :D

lazarus said...

fence, murag ikaw man na. ha ha ha.

alvin said...

16. Flirt with your prof.
17. Befriend the leader of the crew.
18. Join the football team or the pep squad.
19. Use original Montblanc pens
20. Buy the latest Blackberry QWERTY smartphone
21. Bring your MacBook Pro.
22. Flaunt your video iPod.
23. Always be late and enter the class with the entire crew.
25. Don't just talk to anyone. Look at their shoes and jeans first.
24. Skip your first class.

hahaha! Don't listen to me! I'm still under medication....
Darn, I miss school! :-)

Ernesto said...

yeah back to school again i love this back to school 101

Ferdz said...

Interesting guide. Did you make this on your own? Gusto ko rin ang college. Mas exciting kesa high school. And you can redefine yourself nga, which is a good thing

SexyMom said...

good sensible tips--makes one famous, indeed.

i didn't see the studying your lessons part, though (or did i miss it?)

lazarus said...

alvin, did you flirt with your prof? ha ha ha. Or did she flirt with you?

ernesto, thanks for the visit. it's back to school again.

ferdz, some of the above i did myself on the first few days of school.

sexymom, studying is on tip no. 3. it's better to have a good start in the early quizzes.

alvin said...

Now that I think about it, hmmm, both... :-)

chelsea said...

cant even believe that im gona be back to school again. after graduating from my bs degree, then starting wiv my masters which i dint finish by the way, hehe, now im taking another course. some of your tips still apply, lalo na yung 1st one: 1. Befriend the best-looking girl/boy in class, haha.

zherwin said...

hmm, when it comes to adventures, college is it, but high school gave me my best friends. :)

to be ultimately famous, aside from excelling in academics, if you have the looks (or at least if you think you have it), join the mr/ms university thingy or if you are sporty, for the hunky effect, be a varsitarian.

joining quiz bees and always being included in the winner's circle is also a plus.