Friday, June 08, 2007

15 Whatever Facts

I was tagged by Alvin and Daisy last week. Here are 15 weird/little-known/strange facts about me.

1. I can make toys out of folded papers. It’s quite weird actually. Planes, swans, guns, frogs, spaceships, etc…We can’t afford decent toys then.
2. I learned driving thru an F1 race simulator in timezone ayala. I chose the manual mode.
3. I can play takyan (sipa) and do those fancy moves, even now that I’m 31 and 200 lbs.
4. I am not into horror movies. I had nightmares of Dracula weeks, after I watched a TV series, when I was still a kid.
5. I was 6 when I had my first crush. I can remember the name but not the face and the feelings.
6. Not a soul knew of my crushes from elementary till college. Some trees/plants are just unlucky. I inscribe my crushes’ initials on their barks.
7. I am a Jet Lee (now spelled Li) fan. I watch all his movies. I even dreamt of flying over rooftops.
8. Violet used to be my favorite color. I don’t understand now why I used to like it.
9. Green lantern is my favorite hero in the justice league. I can’t explain it. It must be ring.
10. In college, I played badminton till I can no longer lift a bottle of coke. I had my other hand support my aching arms. Addict talaga!
11. I failed in my first subject in high school. And it was hell after that. That is why I wanted so much to change everything in college. See my previous post.
12. I love gardening. I even want to have a farm of my own someday.
13. I’m a ‘jars of clay’ fan. Except for the last album, I have most of their songs saved in my hard disk.
14. I know how to spin tops and catch it spinning in mid-air. Only few at school can do it.
15. To my embarrassment, my fave teacher in elementary school kicked my butt when he found out that I joined my classmates in a mud war. No hard feelings, sir.

And I got to tag 5 people. I don’t usually drag people to answer memes. But I hope Jho, Bro. Vince, Wil, Julai and Phanyang have the time to do this tag. Alvin gave me one week to do this. My deadline should have been yesterday.


julai said...

Hi lazarus,thanks for the tag.I'll let you know kung magawa ko na..baka mamaya pagkatapos ng work ko..have a nice weekend.

Lazarus said...

dali-a naka reply ah! just enjoy doing the tag, julai. ingatz diha.

Daisy said...

hullo! thanks for doing the meme! :) btw, unsay title sa latest album sa jars of clay? i just might know where you can download them for FREEEE :)

Lazarus said...

daisy, "good monster" ila latest album. I even had a post about it somewhere in my archive.

Phanyang said...

Hi kuya! thanks for the 'tag'. Adto sa ko Surigao tonight ya nig balik na nko himuon ha.hehehe. Salamat d-ay sa pag-agi skong blog ya. hehehe. Have a happy weekend ahead. Ü

snglguy said...

Hmm, you learned to drive just by playing on a simulator? Paano kaya kung flight simulator pa yun? Baka maging pilot ka na, hehehe. :-D

Have a great weekend, Lazarus. :-D

jho said...

ay ako din, i don't like horror movies and the movies na may barilan or sword-fighting scenes. Hindi kaya ng sikmura ko.

Wil said...

15 facts? that seems like a lot. hehe. i'll work on this. thanks for the tag.

tin said...

i dont like horror movies too. The last time I'd watched one was The Ring. It gave me sleepless nights.

I know how to play sipa too and trumpo. But Im not as good like you. hehe.

niceheart said...

Very interesting facts.

Ang galing mo naman. Learned driving on your own through a simulator. Ako naka-ilang lessons pero bagsak pa rin sa driving test. :) That was 11 years ago and I never touched the wheel again. Nerbiosa kasi ako. :)

SexyMom said...

that gives me an idea. i have applied for a non-prof driving license, but it's more than 6 month now, i have not even started learning. my 2 boys who had the license at the same time now took driving lessons at A1, and are driving now. but me, i am helpless, i am at their mercy, and at the mercy of cabs when no one can drive me. i guess i will start with your F1 stimulator . good idea.

bingskee said...

i find nos. 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 12, and 14 kahanga-hanga.

and officemate told me that violet tells that a person is 'sexually deprived' ha ha i wasnt the one who said that, it's my officemate. of course, i vehemently opposed the idea he he

Ferdz said...

Really interesting ha! Pareho pala tayong Jars of Clay fan. Kabisado mo pa ba mag origami? Ako nakalimutan ko na. Buti ka pa magaling mag turumpo. Ako hangang text at jolen lang. Hehe

Gypsy said...

Kakatuwa naman post na to..yong #1 mo, I think thats one thing that kids nowadays miss. Masyadong maraming toys around them na din na nila nagagamit yong imagination at skills nila to make toys themselves...

alvin said...

Thanks for making the list. I appreciate it. Now, everyone knows you better... :-)

Abaniko said...

Siguro pag naglaro ka, ang daming papel na mauubos, no? Hehe. I assume you play badminton well. This is also my sport. :)

tin-tin said...

ako, mejo dream ko yun na makacreate ng whatever sa pagfold ng paper. di kse talaga ako artistic. hehehe.
same tayo! i learned how to drive sa mga arcades. hehehe. kaya nung tinuruan na ako ng dad ko na mag-drive.. puro slow down maririnig mo sa kanya. hehee
at adik ka talaga sa badminton ha!
ang favorite ko na jet li movie is yung tai-chi. hehehe ;p

vernaloo said...

violet used to be my favorite color too until my cousin told me that I'm "gaya-gaya" daw coz it was also her favorite I changed mine to green hehe :)

lazarus said...

Whew! One week out-of-the-office and without a new post.

I hope you had a safe trip phanyang! Enjoy your weekend!

Snglguy, baka flight simulator na next time. Childhood dream ko ring magpilot. haha.

jho, i haven't seen horror movies for a very long time na. I like action-packed moviess, and those bloody sword fightings and martial arts.

Lazarus said...

Wil, i'll check your site later. Thanks in advance!

Tin, that dracula movie can still be played in my mind. Tagal na akong di nakapanood ng horror movie.

Niceheart, guts is really needed when you want to learn how to drive. The arcade game helped me in my sense of timing using the accelerator and the wheels.

Lazarus said...

sexymom, you can race against your boys in some arcade games. Actual driving needs guts.

bingskee, it's the first time I heard about the violet thing. ha ha. Violet is no longer my favorite since college.

ferdz, ewan ko ba if meron pa naglalaro ng trumpo at jolens. Kids are mostly into computers and expensive toys nowadays.

Lazarus said...

gypsy, sometimes i teach kids at church on how to make paper toys. most kids had fun with it.

alvin, late post na yata to bro. Thanks for the tag!

Abaniko, dami ko talagang magawa sa papel. and I also give out some to other kids. As to badminton, naglalaro pa rin ako whenever there are tournaments. I usually play sa Class D or minsan sa C.

Lazarus said...

tin-tin, madali lang yung pag fold. pero minsan madali ring makalimutan. Practicing how to drive in arcades is fun. Kung actual na, di bababa sa 40kph ang speed, at di matakot mabangga. ha ha.

Verns, please see bingskee's comment above about violet. Buti you changed it. he he.

Abaniko said...

I only get to play in friendly tournaments like the ones sponsored by business partners or by our company. I usually play in the B category. Perhaps if I have to rate myself, I'm in the C or D too. :)

lazarus said...

abaniko, almost every other week ang tournament diha manila. try joining one of these days. It's very addictive! ha ha.