Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mr. Excitement

Weeks ago, I wondered where this ex-basketball star went. I saw a look-a-like cooking some dishes on TV. And I actually thought it was him.

I narrated to my wife about the exploits of this guy; scorching opponents in the PBA with 70+ points, rattling defenders with lightning-quick moves, then slam dunking the ball despite his 6’1” frame.

He never got the coveted MVP though, coz he always got injured. But everytime he played, he raised the fans excitement to great heights. His presence in the court glued me to my seat in front of the TV. And I sometimes found myself cheering everytime he made a spectacular shot.

My wife was not actually impressed. She’d rather cheer on the guy on TV who knows how to cook. The conversation ended there.

But to my surprise this morning, the name of Paul “Mr. Excitement” Alvarez is in the papers, trading elbows and blows against a lady reporter. And that lady happened to be Ms. Gretchen Malalad, a karatedo expert.

I don’t mind him mauling the driver asking for exorbitant fees. Sometimes, we would even like to do that ourselves. It’s better than him getting mugged for complaining. But not against a lady who was just doing her job! I really don’t know what has gotten into his soul these days. I guess he needs more excitement. And if I remembered it right, he almost got into a brawl with another brat months ago. That would have been an exciting match.


lady cess said...

di ba marami nang balita kay paul alvarez dati pa, tungkol sa mga gulong nasangkutan nya? so im not really surprised about his fight with a woman. :D

jho said...

nakahanap siya ngayon ng katapat niya. Hindi niya siguro kilala na karate expert yung reporter. Good for him!

iskoo said...

napanood ko yung footage na pagkakasapak at siko ni alvarez kay gretchen, grabe. nakakahiya si alvares, kung talagang naawa siya sa mga anak nya dapat naging mahinahon siya.

kurokuroko said...

actually pati iyung sa taxi driver medyo unfair.

naghanap lang daw ng shortcut iyung driver, tapos pinagbitangan daw ni alvarez na iniikot siya nito. ayun binugbog niya.

nakita ko siya sa airport dati kasama iyung family niya. kakatakot siya actually. mukhang adik.

added ka na sa links ko!

lazarus said...

lady cess, bad boyna talaga to si paul. galing-galing pa naman nya sa basketball.

jho, baka hindi nga niya kilala. pero kahit, babae yun eh. di dapat nya inaway.

iskoo, alvarez should have cooled down. many people are looking up to him.

kuro, kung shortcut, the amount to be paid should have been lower. the driver offered to let paul pay his usual fare. init lang talaga ulo niya.

Major Tom said...

He was one of my most fave PBA player when he was playing then and like you, I am saddened how his career went on a tailspin, Maybe it wasn't really a good decision to be so associated with showbiz celebrity like Vivian Velez--she was a negative influence for him...

gbert said...

hanggang dito sa texas, abot ung balita na yan.. tsk tsk.. reporter na ba ngaun si gretchen? di ba sa pbb un dati?

tin-tin said...

hindi ko pa naririnig yung balita na yan. hehehe

bingskee said...

the way alvarez appeared in the tv (how he looks like) reminded me of a documentary aired in Nat Geo about the appearance transformation of those who use the Met drug (dito sa atin ay shabu) in the US. he looked to me as if one of those who uses the drug.

also, the drug attacks the brain so users cannot reason right or do anything that is reasonable or normal. i am not saying he's a drug addict but one would presume because of the way he treated the taxi driver and gretchen. sinasayang niya ang buhay niya.

lazarus said...

major tom, parehas pala tayong fan ni paul alvarez. Alam ko na gf nya si vivian velez before but i don't know how she negatively influenced him.

gbert, updated kayon dyan dahil siguro sa filipino channel. ABS reporter na daw ngayon si gretchen. Ngayon ko lang nalaman.

tin-tin, di ka na siguro nanood ng tv.

bingskee, i am not sure if addict ba sya. but maybe he's just drunk.

jc said...

There is a saying in tagalog, "Malas ang may balat sa puwet (those who have marks in their buttocks bring bad luck)". He got shot in the butt in a brawl in a massage parlor in Quiapo. Don't blame Vivian for his string of bad lucks. She came in much later and was probably one of the best things that happened to him.