Friday, August 31, 2007

Missing the Crowd

Where are the people who used to occupy the 2 to 4 courts that play from 7pm till midnight every Thursday and Sunday evenings?

Last night, there were only four of us meeting for the regular game. There were less shouting, less competition, but we nevertheless got the same quantity of sweat that we needed. It was like this when we started almost 4 years ago: when there were 4 or 6 people showing up for every game. It was a time when we don’t have to be choosy of our playmates and we just laughed and laughed, and had fun. Then we grew to be over a couple of dozens, had the same fun, but experienced lows as well. We really missed some people who became our friends.

We miss “The Bearded Man”. His passion for the game is incomparable until he shifted his focus on his lenses, something which he is excellent at. His exit somewhat surprised many, but the rift was settled weeks later.

We miss “Darna” and his favorite yells, “Rackets up!” and “Dagan!” Heart problems (enlarge heart and some heartaches) made him slow down a bit.

We miss the “Dancing Duo”. They literally dance when they play. Though their footworks and grips may look awkward for the game, theirs is a very solid partnership. They’re now with another group but we still keep in touch.

We miss the “Smashing Shadow”. When we play, I don’t want to be on the opposite side. His strong drives and smashes scare me. Many were hit on their foreheads. I almost got my glasses smashed. He now struts his stuff in Taiwan.

We miss the “Sweet Couple”. They sometimes (I mean many times) argue on the court. But when one appears to be upset, the other usually initiates the hugging and the kissing. Play resumes, win or loss. The husband is currently busy battling the Abu Sayyaf in Basilan.

We miss the IT guys. Some had already relocated to Singapore. We heard they continued playing in some converted courts.

But in one way or another, we can still connect with them through emails, celphone, and the internet. We just didn’t use these medium. We just stared at the empty courts and replayed in our minds the fun we used to have when we gathered and crowded the place.


Ferdz said...

Sad. Ako din dati mahilig sa Badminton pero wala ng kalaro. Buti you guys still go on playing

vernaloo said...

Well at least you guys are still present. New players will come :)

david.edward said...

kakalungkot naman.. kami din eh, hindi na kami nakakapaglaro.. i dont know the reason behind that. pero maybe one time pag nagkayayaan. or maybe din i have the problem. tamad na. hindi ko talaga alam. pero nakakamiss ung mga taong nakasama mo sa loob ng court. lalo na pag my mga tournament. :)

Abaniko said...

Time for you guys to recruit new members! :)

tin-tin said...

ang dme nyo ngang naging kalaro ha :)

lazarus said...

ferdz, most courts have queueing. meron na man friendly groups.

verns, present ako most of the time.

david edward, kakalungkot isipin na nawala na yung iba.

abaniko, our next goal is to recruit new members.

tin-tin, marami na nga pero nawala rin.

freeze said...

Hmm... guessing game!