Friday, April 11, 2008

Outsourcing: As Applied At Home

Outsourcing, in its simplicity, is letting a third party do some of the work you usually do but is not your main job, or your core business.

Outsourcing is practiced at home. And here are some of them:

1. We hire a neighbor to wash our clothes on weekends.
2. We hire father in law’s carpenters to fix our stairs
3. We hire a teenage neighbor to clean some floor and bathroom tiles in our house.
4. I pay my nephews to wash my car

This is better than keeping a housemaid. But it does not mean that we are too lazy to do the household chores. We know how to do these things (except for the carpentry job). But the laundry girl needs money for her tuition fees, the teenage boy has to earn for his poor family, and my nephews want money for extra allowance. We don’t want them begging for money so it’s a win-win situation for all of us.

My wife and I knows that when the time comes for us to migrate to the US, we can no longer avail of these outsourcing services at home. The outsourced workers are in Asia so we have to do the chores ourselves. Or else it would be very expensive.


Josh of Arabia said...

Ayos! I learned a new termed in such a way..

If only we, Pinoys all over would be willing to take part in this practical idea of reaching out (esp in this highly critical time)..oh, what a wonderful planet it would have been :)

Panaderos said...

Don't worry. It is true that you will have to do a lot of the chores yourself. However, in the US, machines will do the laundry, dishwashing, and car washing for you. No need to worry about outsourcing those things. You can even outsource the ironing to the local laundromat.

But as with all things these days, all of the above will cost you. It will be up to you and your wife to determine what chores you will be willing to do yourselves for the sake of achieving your life goals.

cyril said...

this is actually the reason I always give out when my mom tells me that I don't do laundry. I always give her the analogy of Multi-national companies now doing outsourcing to be able to focus what the company does best and outsource those which is outside its core business.

But that's only because I really don't do laundry...hehehe

ozy said...

I never thought about outsourcing that way. Funny how these new terms are buzzwords for our normal day-to-day activities. Next up they'll have a business term for Filipino time.


tin-tin said...

you'll be migrating? kelan? so mababawasan pa ang badminton group? hehe.

parang ang tagal ko hindi nakabisita dito. musta po? :)

munificent panyang said...
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munificent panyang said...

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