Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Trade Show Exhibits

An ex-colleague of mine back in the accountancy firm is now into organizing trade shows, fairs and exhibits. She had plenty of exposures in such kind of business when she was still a kid since her parents’ business always had a booth in almost every fair or mini-market in the city.

I wonder how she does the organizing. I know that to organize such is not an easy task. Large trade show exhibits needs many booths, tables, tablescloths, curtains, counters and table covers. It is much more difficult if the organizer handles successive trade show exhibits with different design requirements in different locations.

But there is a company that offers affordable trade show exhibits requirements and accessories. Camelback Displays, Inc. is a one-stop shop for factory priced trade show displays, booths, exhibits and accessories. Theirs are portable and comes in plenty of sizes, colors and designs that would easily meet exhibitors’ specification requirements. This can really help anyone into trade show organizing.

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