Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers' Day Post

This is supposed to be posted yesterday, Fathers’ Day. I think I have written enough pieces here in my blog about my father. I’ll just dig my archives and give you the links if you like to read them. These are his tales and stories, unbelievable sometimes. But I’ll let you be the judge. He insists that these are true.

1. Introduction to my Fathers’ Tales - My father even has a story about his birth.
2. The Magical Stone - This is a story about his precious find but an aunt took it and kept the thing for herself.
3. My Stubbornness Saved My Mother – This is an incident his mother will never forget.
4. Adventures in Kiamba – He spent some time with his uncle’s family in Kiamba, Saranggani. There his adventures continued.
5. A Goodbye from A Departed – When he was young, he and his grandfather swore among themselves that whoever leaves his earthly body first, shall have to say goodbye to the remaining one.
6. The Library: A Love Story – How he met my mom.

I still have plenty of his stories that remain unwritten. The following are the possible titles:

1. The Black Prayer Booklet – His grandma left a black prayer booklet containing Latin chants, just before she died. A cousin confessed that he kept it.
2. Chased by a Tikbalang – He and his cousins were chased by a Tikbalang.
3. A Ride With a Magical Horse – This is a story of a city boy who was invited to a town fiesta.
4. On the Brink of Assassination – He almost died at the hands of the NPA while visiting a brother-in-law in Davao.
5. The Underground Route from Cebu to Negros – An old man emerged from a cave and asked around for people who died decades earlier.
6. The Bullet-Proof soldier – This is a tale of his aunt’s bro-in-law who is said to have powers. His death was blamed on his aunt.
7. The Headless Horseman - A headless horseman roams the road near the cemetery.

Maybe one of these days I’d publish a volume of his stories. I already wrote a short story version of the Magical Stone and My Stubbornness Saved My Mother. I'll make it a goal to complete it by 2010, including a Cebuano version of these tales.


gladita said...

wow those are amazing stories. they remind me of a grandmother who swore by stories similar to those of your father. aaah... the joys of growing up in the province.

Lawstude said...

writing about your father is definitely a great tribute to the man. belated happy dad's day to ur dad.

fence said...

bay, pwede na nimo ni iprint unya ipabind. hehehe. maayong pangregalo sa pasko. :)

Major Tom said...

A very storied life your father have, just like a famed adventure hero.

I am sure that book idea would sell well and I encourage you to do that.

Panaderos said...

I'm looking forward to your publishing the other stories you have in the pipeline. They all seem very interesting. :)

tin-tin said...

oo nga pala.. may mga amazing stories dad mo. antayin ko :)

Josh of Arabia said...

hi bro..longtime i wasnt here..


jst like mom's, father's stories also has its mighty pull on planning to do more noteworthy for my father, (and to those who've been one)jst like what u did..

my regards.