Friday, June 27, 2008

Sunday Lethal Combination

It's another war of the fists! I'm sure all of us Filipinos are waiting for the Pacquiao vs Diaz fight results come Sunday. This is just a temporary break to the problems this country is facing right now. Think about the victims of the typhoon Frank, the lost lives of the Princess of the Stars and 8 other vessels, those who died of the flood in the Iloilo area, the rising prices of rice and fuel, and the various unsolved murders.

I don't know. It seems like we are all seeking for a hero somewhere. He couldn't stop typhoons and rising inflation rates, but at least he gives us something to be proud of - even just in the world of boxing. If Pacquiao wins, let's not get lost in the euphoria. We still have suffering brothers and sisters.

If you are in Cebu, you can watch live feed at SM Cinema. Reserved seats are sold at P500 and P400 pesos. One can also go to Club Ultima, that high-rise structure near Fuente OsmeƱa. Or the cheapest that I gathered is the eat-all-you-can offer of Royal Concourse in Gorordo Cebu. Only for P298. Or if you have a large TV and cable subscription, you can buy pay-per-view from your cable operator. Gather all your friends, and prepare a feast.

Oh well, these are just suggestions! But don't forget that Sunday is church day!


Panaderos said...

Go Manny! Make us proud! :)

third world geek said...

We'll be watching at the Hyatt, getting drunk before lunch. I just hope it would be a joyful occasion.

ysrael said...

Yes, I treat myself last Sunday at Trinoma, grabe 600 pesos but ok na rin kesa ma-bwisit ka sa dami ng commercial. Dugay na akong dili nakapasyal dyan sa Cebu mga 10 years na siguro. I've had some friend there member sila ng Cebu Scrabble Club, I hope i could play and visit there soon. Good luck to you and to your blog.

Sexy Mom said...

he does make us proud, a temporary relief though, with the mishaps here and there and the continuing rising prices.

fingertralks said...

kudos manny! kudos, pinas!