Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Frank's Fury Sank 9 Vessels

....left hundreds dead, 700 more missing and flooded many areas nationwide.

I received an email from a yahoo group the passengers' manifest and the crew list of the ill-fated Sulpicio Lines Vessel, Princess of the Stars. I told an officemate if he wants that list and post it his blog. It sent shiver to his spines. "No, no" he said.

Our office also received memos that some of our branches will have no operation for at least three days because of flooding. Affected were offices in Zamboanga, Kalibo and Cotabato.

An officemate got stranded in Tacloban over the weekend. Here in Cebu, we also experienced strong winds. A wedding, which my wife coordinated last Saturday, pushed through despite the bad weather. The garden wedding set-up at Busay Hills was aborted. Good thing the venue has a covered area, and everything went smoothly, well except, of course the winds outside the venue.

Oh yeah, another typhoon! Another of nature's wrath that claimed many lives. But why did the responsible government agencies allow vessels to sail despite the turmoil? We'll be expecting another senate investigation on this.


lady cess said...

i'm glad the wedding went smoothly. at least something nice and beautiful happened at that time.

freeze said...

it's sad that politicians and media took advantage of the situation, grand standing once again! :(

lazarus said...

cess, yes, the wedding went on smoothly. kahit binagyo pa.

freeze, it's easy to write something against the shipping lines at this time. But no, I'm not going to do that. :) There were 8 other vessels that sunk that day.