Monday, May 31, 2010


My other site got suspended last week by its host because of the rushing traffic that it got from web searches. I was expecting traffic (and G-clicks) that day, but not the suspension. I only did simple SEO, hoping to get at most the no. 3 spot on page 1 of SERP. (The top two were occupied by my friends who worked hard for two months prior to the event.)

After only 3k pageviews within an hour, my host kicked me out. They said that I as causing disturbance in the shared server. And so for hours I waited and waited for the restoration of my site. Surely I missed the dollars that went along with the traffic. During that same event last year, I got around $70 in three days. No suspension, no problem. But this time around, I only got less than $15.

I just have to accept the fact the no blog in a shared-hosting environment will survive a rushing traffic. Even some friends of mine who had their blogs hosted by US companies, got their sites down. But not those hosted by Blogger.

So today, I took a look again at this traffic-less site. The PR 4 is still there. And I know the underlying power of PR4 site. 4 years in existence yet only under 25k of visits. What if I optimize this leftover blog and direct traffic here? Surely this won't go down even if with 10k visits in an hour.

What do you think?

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