Wednesday, February 21, 2007


“Learn to pause – or nothing worthwhile will catch up with you.”

Many times, I found myself staring blankly at my laptop monitor. Questions pop out from my mind. And without much thinking, my right hand drove the mouse to click the internet explorer, then on the favorites, then leading to my own site. The activity is not even related to any of the questions.

These past few days I’ve been posting entries almost every other day, mostly of love, its mysteries and its craziness. The love month is my excuse. Well, there are plenty of entries out there about love, and I am just one of those idolizing love (too much). But there is a plethora of unwritten things which are just lurking in my mind. Some other topics that remained unexplored.

And then, when I tried to sit back on my chair and stared at the ceiling, when all of my officemates were gone, I pondered on life. So, when am I going to enter a rehab for bloggers?

I certainly need to pause and feed my mind and body with something else. Like exercise for example, and the beach, and the badminton life I now seldom have. Then I also have to sit down with my dear, and we’ll form new dreams. Some dreams just got stalled, and it’s frustrating when you’re not in control.


alvin said...

There are times when I stare at the empty space and ask questions.... It's normal! This happens even if I'm in my happiest state. :-)

pam said...

those things really happen.:) okey lang yan

Gypsy said...

Ganun din ako, I automatically go to my blog when I am supposed to be "thinking of nothing" or doing something now! :) At least unlike alcohol and drugs, our blogs can be a source of blessing for others (and for ourselves!)

vernaloo said...

you're officially a blog junkie hehe just messing :)

I guess it's alright to stop for a while. Ako nga I'm planning to fast from blogging this Lent Season. Instead of not eating meat, hindi na lang ako magba-blog :)

Lazarus said...

delayed my recess for another day. he he he. automatic na ang pag click.

Alvin/pam, yeah, these things are normal to me. It happened many times even before I learned to blog.

gypsy, you're right. blogging can be an inspiration to others.

verns, fasting on blogging? magaling din na idea.

tin-tin said...

hala! sobrang addict na. hheeheh. take a week's vacation muna. pero dapat somewhere na walang internet para di madefeat ang purpose :)

Lazarus said...

hey tin-tin, i thought you were on blog leave. he he.

I delayed my break again for a day or two. after another post tomorrow, I'll be back again..., next month.

Mag anniversary na pala tong blog ko next month.

melai said...

uyy advance happy anniversary :)

mousey said...

mainam yan. mag break ka muna kasama si dear mo para makahagilap ng rich ideas. happy weekend!

Ferdz said...

A rehab for bloggers. Hahaha!

Yeah! Take a break and pause. We don't live to blog, we blog about our lives! And we need a life! Blog whne you've got time again. Enjoy your pause!