Thursday, February 15, 2007

Wedding Venues

I came across with this article from yahoo (the same was also reported in the local papers) wherein 100 barefoot couples, dressed in white, stood in the swamp facing the sea and exchanged vows in a ceremony officiated by the city mayor of Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Wedding in the swamp? Yep, you read it right.

"You will be an example of true love not just to your partner but to the environment," said Mayor Edward Hagedorn, in a short speech after the ceremony.

Unique isn’t it? We’ve heard of garden weddings, beach weddings, underwater weddings, forest weddings, etc… And now this wedding in the swamp.

Why want to be different? My wife and I had our sunrise beach wedding. My bro-in-law had his garden wedding. A friend had his wedding at the school’s basketball court despite the availability of the chapel. Another friend had his 20 minutes in the judge’s court. It was that swift.

For me and my wife, we encountered the usual protests (not from our parents though) during the planning stage. Why the early time, and the far venue? We simply smiled and said, “We want it unique and memorable. It’s simply our dream wedding. I hope you’ll support us on this.

But there are those who want the usual church wedding. Some say that it’s the Church blessing they are after. Some wanted other venues but it’s their parents (or even grandparents) wish that they have a church wedding. According to a website I read, first-century Jews and Christians did not hold weddings in synagogues or churches. However, it was only at the time of Tertullian [160-225 A.D.] where it became customary to have a Christian ceremony.

Wherever the venue is, God blesses the formal union of man and woman in love. You still have enough time to prepare if you’re thinking of a June wedding.

Hmmm…I am reminded of that wedding in the middle of an olympic game. Just some leftover thoughts here.


ghee said...


Happy hearts day,Lazarus!


alvin said...

Weddings... I'm always invited, sometimes the best man and even hosted some... When will I be the groom? hehehe I've always wanted to get married in Paris. This is so sad because I'm going there in April without even a girlfriend... huhuhu

Francesca said...

madagdag lang, si britney spears, married in the morning, afternoon she files a divorce. That was cool, haha.

I have that wedding topic too in my blog and when it comes to weddings, nakakakilig.

my wedding with michel is gaya ng friend mo, but we beat him, 15 minutes lang kami sa harap ng judge, haha.

French si Lolo, got money to splash a huge wedding party, but yoko.
Kasi kakapagod mag handa, i met mo lahat ng guest, preparations kadami.
Wala ako tyaga.
We even have the reception at eat all you can sa glorietta, dads saisaki kamay kainan, ten lang kaming guests, after two hours of non stop eating, tapos na , we went to our hotel nearby, get ready for a solemn honey moon next day in bagiou, subic and cebu/bohol.
Sa isip ko bat ako gagastos ng wedding reception, eh basta legal and accepted by both laws (God and Mans)
ganun din yun.
But of course, some to have it magastos like: may fireworks pa, lol or nakakalesa, or naka flashy car si bride going to Church, ung iba, papagawa pa kalsada, kasi yung gown baka maputikan,lol.

They do what they like.
Basta ako tipid, wala pa 100$ gastos sa wedding ko but sa honeymoon iba.super gala.

Ay haba na nito lazarus, haha.
Sorry, carried away ang lola.

chelsea said...

id want a beach wedding wiv all the ladies in their sun dresses and pretty hats and all the men in their ahm hawaiian inspired polos. lol. pinch me :)

Ferdz said...

Ako wedding ko gusto ko sa taas ng bundok tas sunset. Haha. Kelangan nga lng mag hike ng guest pa-akyat! haha

Lazarus said...

ferdz, mountaineers lang siguro mag aattend. or probably, a chopper would bring them up to the summit.

chelsea, i can imagine how the wedding looks like. he he

francesca, haba nga ng comment mo. pwede na to pang isang entry. lol. some people spend more on the honeymoon than on the wedding ceremony.

Alvin, may you find someone in paris (or even on the way to paris).

ghee, interesting nga.

Abaniko said...

What about a wedding in a bat-infested cave? That's gonna be unique. Hmm.

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