Monday, February 12, 2007

The Senate Race

Though I planned to write entries about love this month, I am tempted to write about politics this time. Do I know anything about politics? I honestly don’t know enough about it, just like the rest of the majority. Though at UP High School, our teachers were making political statements here and there. We are also made to relate the two Rizal novels to the present political condition. We all had our heyday relating Spanish rule to the American colonialism. When I was in college, I also joined the party where the student activists were affiliated. I also joined in some EDs. Ok, enough for the shallow introduction.

The list of the administration’s and the united opposition’s line-up is almost in every newspaper today. It’s funny how the wind’s direction changes every election time.

Here is the Administration’s slate:
Michael Defensor
Tess Aquino-Oreta
Vicente Sotto III
Ralph Recto
Joker Arroyo
Edgardo Angara
Miguel Zubiri
Prospero Pichay
Luis Singson
Vicente Magsaysay
Carlos Petilla
Sultan Kiram

If you look closely at the list, you can obviously find the turncoats. What could be their reasons? You could probably hear them say, “We’re putting aside our political differences for our country to move on.” Well, we’ve hear it many many times, and we have not really moved on. And the voters have not learned their lessons.

So what about the opposition?
Loren Legarda
Panfilo Lacson
Francis Escudero
Alan Peter Cayetano
Benigno Aquino
Aquilino Pimentel III
Sonia Roco
Nikki Coseteng
Antonio Trillanes IV
Manuel Villar
Francisco Pangilinan
John OsmeƱa

What are they opposing to? But hey, this is the Philippines. If they can’t get the administration’s invitation, they run to the opposition. When the administration is stable, most would run shelter in its wings.

I am neither for administration nor for the opposition. I won’t even care about their platforms, if they have any. And here’s my partial 6:
1. Joker Arroyo
2. Edgardo Angara
3. Francis Pangilinan
4. Manuel Villar
5. Michael Defensor
6. Benigno Aquino

I am also inclined to vote for the aspiring young guns. I will choose my next six simply based on gut feel. I’ll wait and see. I hope for credible leaders to run this country.


panyang balani said...

Hi Lazarus! Do vote for my uncle, Prospero "Butch" Pichay for Senator. :) Hehehe...

cruise said...

parang hopeless na ang Pinas lao na pagdating sa politika, kahit yung mga batang kandidato daig pa ang matatanda sa pagiging trapo.

pero syiempre boboto pa rin ako, pipiliin ko nalang yung mga consistent sa paninindigan.

lady cess said...

si chiz, iboboto ko. yun ang sigurado :) bakit - um, kamukha kasi siya ni bamboo :) hehehe

Lazarus said...

I wonder why the opposition chose Trillanes over Honasan or Richard Gomez.
Panyang, magreresearch pa rin ako about the other candidates, including your uncle.
Cruise, we should not give up hope on this country. Let's exercise our right to vote.
Cess,parang ok rin si Chiz. He's a good match ni Mike Defensor.

vernaloo said...

Hi Lazarus :)

Firstly thanks for dropping by my site.

I don't know much about Politics and honestly I hate it. But I guess you can't hate something if you don't know much about it hehe. I never tried voting too so I guess I also don't have the right to complain. Hmmmm what do you think?

Lazarus said...

hi vernaloo, thanks for dropping by my site, too.

Magulo kasi ang mundo ng politika, and we have not seen its benefits. Whether one votes or not, we're still gonna be affected. It feels good to vote for someone we believe in and who actually delivers.

alvin said...

I want Miguel to win. I'm in a position to say that this person has a good heart and intentions. :-)
By the way, thanks for the heartfelt comment. I really appreciate it.

gbert said...

Chiz is good and is still very young... and i don't know kung anak na yata ni nene pimentel yung tatakbo no? pero nene pimentel is one great senator... at joker arroyo is at the top of my list also... i'm definitely on neither side coz politics madaming nababago... yung sa senador na lang yung tingnan kung merong pagbabago na nagawa...

Brennan Mercado said...

my personal choice:
(1) Escudero
(2) Arroyo
(3) Defensor
(4) Aquino
(5) Pangilinan
(6) Villar

I have mixed feelings about this election for at least three reasons.

(1)It would be my first time.

(2)Richard Gomez is running for Senator and Pacquiao for congress.

(3)the line between 'opposition' and 'administration' gets blurred most of the time, in fact all of the time.

we actually vote for the person, not the party he/she belongs to. but when that person keeps on jumping ships, his/her integrity is sometimes put into question.

just my two cents though.

dezphaire said...

i never really liked politics... i can be the poster child for apathy. lol.

jae said...

Funny but you and my Finance prof seem to have the preference among the senatoriables. He's more of an administration fan, though. Economists are. :D

Am gunning for the young ones, too. We need young blood in the Senate. :D

Lazarus said...

brennan, do a research na lang for each candidate. I guess, the internet is a rich source of info.

Dez, most young adults i know don't really care about politics.

jae, thanks for the visit. We need the wisdom of the veterans, and the vibrance of youth in the senate. We don't need too many economists, coz some of them interpret economic indicators differently.