Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thoughts for Holy Week

Romans 5:8

"But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us."

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God is God, whether we believe in Him or not. And he hates sin.

We sin, whether we believe in sin or not. How grave is mine, or how petty is yours, it does not matter. Sin is sin. There is a penalty for that. I just can’t imagine how he deals with sinners in the Old Testament times. Bloody! How scorching is the lake of fire for those who will perish.

In those nights of our struggle, we hear our conscience talking. We weep. We regret. We fast and we pray. We wear a gloomy face. We do good deeds every now and then. Aren’t these enough or too much? How much of noble deeds less petty sins equal to heaven?

What have we learned from the troubles and the calamities that have struck us? Aren’t we mere mortals struggling to appease someone up there? Why do we keep on failing? Why can’t we find answers to sin, catastrophes and moral degradation without mentioning God?

Next week, the whole Christendom will observe the Lenten Season. May we be enlightened more as we remember what He did on the cross for us more than 2000 years ago. Let us not take for granted what we believed in. May we put our faith on Jesus Christ who died for you and me. Even before we were in our mothers’ wombs, He knew us. We are frail. We are human and limited in our insights. All our good deeds are still filth to him. It cannot merit salvation. But because of his love, we can have eternal life through faith in Him.
P.s. Sa mga magbabaksyon, ingat kayo palagi. Have a safe trip. May the Lord bless us all!


the bystander said...

ayo-ayo bai sa imong pagbakasyon. by the way who's jigger from argao? you mentioned that name in my blog.

brVince said...

John 3:16.... for God so love that world, ing-ana gyud kay si Kristo iyang anak mismo gihatag para kanatu, mutoo kaniya... may i ask for prayers kuy, im renewing my vows on Easter sunday.... the day we celebrate...

bingskee said...

i believe that faith should not be 'celebrated' only during Lent. though i respect anybody's belief, i detest the hypocrisy of it all when some others become repentant only during this time and go back again to their old sinful ways after Lent.

Brennan Mercado said...

"can i be the one to sacrifice
or grip the spear and watch the blood and water flow"

the exact date or the manner of 'celebration' is only secondary to the fact that Someone died on that cross one afternoon in eternity.

i'll be in CDO for Lent. have a meaningful weekend ahead.

carey said...

have a meaningful Holy week bro... thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)

tin said...

Thanks for sharing. A very nice post. :)

Phanyang Balani said...

we should be very thankful for god's unconditional love for us. god is good all the time. all the time, god is good.

have a blessed lent ahead, kuya Ü

sasha said...

A blessed Lenten season to you, Lazarus...

God bless!

lazarus said...

bystander, i posted a little info about jigger in your comment box. I thought you know him.

bro vince, God bless sa renewal of vows mo!

bing, it is still the same as "sunday" christians: matino lang pag sunday. "Holy week" christians, pag holy week lang. But God looks at the heart, and not on outward appearance.

vernaloo said...

Hi Lazarus.

Have a blessed Holy Week too :)

lazarus said...

brennan, you're qouting from "world's apart" of jars of clay. he he he. It is us who deserved the crucifixion. Not him, not the sinless one. But He took the penalty.

carey, you're welcome! Have a blessed week!

tin, have a blessed week!

phanyang, God's love is so wonderful. I can't explain.

Sash, God bless and have a blessed week!

sexy mom said...

yes, Lazarus, the Holy Week is a week of reflection for most...for me, everyday is a miracle! everyday is a reason to celebrate God's love...happy easter!

Francesca said...

we Jehovah's witnesses celebrate yesterday world wide the memorial of cJesus Christ's death.
We base the date april 2 on the jewish calendar Nissan 14, which is found in the Bible.

The only day that we commemorate His death.
April 9 in France is easter holiday. A pagan celebration, but I take it as a rest day from work.
Musta Laz, from France!

ghee said...

nice post,Lazarus...i admit that i am a sinner,too :)

have a nice Holy Wed!!

tin-tin said...

sin is a sin. totoo malaki man sya o maliit. it's still a sin.

have a blessed and holy weekend :)