Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Blog Visits

I wasn’t able to visit the sites of my blog friends last week. Meetings here and there, and even my mind can’t wander to some place else. We have internet in the office, but it’s difficult to take a peek even at my own site. The big boss is seated right beside me.

We have internet at the hotel. But it costs P240/hr for a wifi. Why is it that they don’t have free internet in Manila? In most hotels in the Visayas and Mindanao, hotels offer free wifi connection. I’d better spend that 240 on something else.

I was off the internet world the whole weekend, having slept most of the time on my birthday. I just wake up to eat, and reply to text greetings.

Yesterday would have been a great time to bloghop. But the tropical depression scared the hell out of us. We were released from the office an hour early. But I stayed on for a while browsing until they shut down the back-up generator.

Today, I have 122 unread items listed in my google reader. These are mostly from the blogs in my links. Plus, there’s my blogroll with markings of those who have updated their blogs. Now, where do I start reading?


vernaloo said...

Hey Lazarus..take your time :)

LAWSTUDE said...

Hey happy birthday. About the posts/readings, let 'em pile 'coz law of averages will soon catch up on you and you will have plenty of time reading 'em. have a nice day.

Ferdz said...

Wow! Busy busy! And 240/hr for a wifi!?? That's ridiculous! Some hotels here in Manila offer them for free like shangri-la to name one. Oh well. Belated happy bday!

zherwin said...

just don't worry about 'em, you can read most of them if you already have the luxury of time.

jho said...


Lazarus said...

still busy this week. I promise to do blog visits this weekend. Btw, thanks for the greetings, ferdz and jho!

Annamanila said...

How about starting with mine. I am the most senior and my name is up there in the alphabet.

Haha .. joke.

I know how that feels ... being deluged with unanswered emails and unvisited blog neighbors. The thing is to take it slow by slow. If you let yourself be pressured, then reading pleasure flies out the window. It becomes a chore. :(

lazarus said...

anna, i read your posts thru the google reader. madali ko makita pag may update ka. :)

Anonymous said...

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