Monday, November 19, 2007

Raining in Cebu

I thought it was just an ordinary cloudy day. But it was raining since dawn and the wind outside is getting stronger. I took the photo below when I went outside for a drive early this afternoon. It's one of those flooded streets.

Lando. It’s a rare name for a tropical depression with winds up to 60kph. But I just hope the forecast will not go wrong this time. It’s signal no. 1. I’d better pack up now and head home. I should get ready for emergencies.


Annamanila said...

Oooh, you have fine weather in Cebu -- fine for ducks. :) Hope it clears up before it escalates into what you call 'emergency' situation.

Last Friday, it poured here in Metro Manila and government offices and schools were suspended. I asked to be fetched early and I assured my son he could use our color-coded vehicle as the ordinance should be suspended too. But guess what, he was apprehended, :(

lazarus said...

Lando moved up north hitting iloilo instead of cebu. There was no more howling winds last night. So dark (brown out kasi) and silent.

janeser28 said...

That is a good news nasa cebu ang family ko..worried ako baka may mangyari.Thanks for this blog it is realy helpful.