Monday, September 18, 2006

So who's insensitive?

Did someone ever tell you that you're insensitive? Like you don’t care for their feelings and not noticing their resentments towards you, etc…

I received a few direct remarks, as in, 5 in my lifetime. Not too many I suppose. I was about to dismiss it as a minority’s comment. (Am I showing my coldness again?).

Some of the common lines that I’ve heard from these few are the following:

1. You’re so insensitive, you continue on smiling even in situations like this.
2. You continued to mock me even you noticed I’m not in a good mood.
3. You don’t care how others feel.
4. Others noticed your insensitivity too.

So what’s with a smile? So what if you’re in a foul mood and I’m not? Am I to frown and rant with you? Mock you? Was it just by just letting out a grin without saying anything? Why would I care how you feel right now, when if I were in your place, I would act differently and perhaps sensibly? Others noticed my insensitivity? When? What situation? How did they react afterwards? They let it pass?

But then, it made me into thinking, that somehow, it’s just a matter of differing perspectives. Many times, I strike back saying, “Yes, you’re sensitive, sensitive of your own feelings only. Why? Do you care how I feel too?” The reply to my last question was also negative.


pauL said...

those are heavy statements... tsk tsk... same here... i've experienced that na... first i felt bad but later on i took it as a compliment... everyone of us is entitled to speak out our own opinions but at the end of the day mas kilala mo yung sarili mo compared to the others... maybe on the physical aspect you look like as if you dont care to the people around you... eh what if you're just like that but deep inside you care for them... get my point? just sharing my thoughts kasi i can relate...

God bless!

Lazarus said...

thanks for your comment paul! Deep inside, I can notice their different attitude towards me, but I always take the safe side, smiled and even attempt at making funny remarks. But sometimes, they think of me as too naive and insensitive. So far, only 5 came forward to tell me that.

iskoo said...

in one point in time siguro lahat naman tayo nagigingg insensitive, depende kung sino yung nakakasalamuha natin. pero later on siguro na pa practice or natutunan naman ang sensitivity.

ghee-ghee said...

i agree..its the matter of people`s point of views.

btw,r u a filipino?

thanx for droppin by my site :)


Francesca said...

the one telling you, lazarus that you are insensitive is "pikon".
He or she needs some pansin!
KSP baga: kulang sa pansin.
I think he or she should act like an adult. Only babies cried for pansinin mo koooo...
The adult ones has more things to do than appease immatured ones.

If that one is in France: he will get a remark like:

Hey, hey, Whats wrong with you?!!
Dont you have anything to do?

Ay oo, iba dito! Bof(buzz off) ka kaagad, haha!

dezphaire said...

haha i usually get that too. because i'm easily distracted. it may come off like i don't care. but hey, i'm not here to please everyone.

tin-tin said...

is your wife the one who said it? hehehe. i've been told to be insensitive also. or a hypocrite.. and that's just because i don't really say my problems. and i'm being tactless :(

niceheart said...

I have never been told that I was insensitive. Although I think that there were probably I few times when I had been.