Thursday, September 21, 2006

Two rainbows in one sky...


Have you ever seen two rainbows in one sky? What a sight to behold really! It’s so amazing, beautiful and refreshing. I seldom have to chance to get out from the office these days. I don’t have a nice outside view too. The pollution in the city must have kept rainbows away. But a trip to the nearby mountains produced one of my most memorable experiences. I took photos but surprisingly, not one appeared in the picture. Sayang! There were three of us who saw it, my wife and a close friend of ours.

The double rainbow is a rarity. How can I forget it! I personally took it as a sign of a wonderful promise of God’s guidance in my life.


tin-tin said...

seeing a rainbow for me is a rarity. that's why even just one rainbow would really be a blessing :)

niceheart said...

That's cool!

iskoo said...

its actually my 2nd time na makakita ng 2 rainbow na magkapatong, pero sa blog lang din sept 6 post ni

pero sa personal di pa ako nakakita..
ang ganda, kapansin pansin na maliwanag sa ilalim nung nasa babang rainbow, ganda ng effect.

ralphT said...

yep! a beautiful sight indeed! :)

bing said...

it's a rarity indeed. you're blessed to have witnessed it. it's God's covenant with Abraham, if i remember it right.

Anonymous said...

whoa! fancy chance to see nature flaunting 2 rainbows so close together. lucky u

thanks for sharing pics

Abaniko said...

Just wow.

Lazarus said...

The rainbow was a sign of God's promise to Noah that he'll never flood the earth like that again.

Even a seeing a single rainbow is amazing. Much more if you see two of them at the same time. It's just some of those wonders of God's creation.

graveyaaaarrd_zombie said...

lovely. :)

is it just me, or were rainbows appearing more when i was a kid?
since i became an adult, i think i've only seen a rainbow once.

you're right, seeing just one rainbow is awesome...and seeing two at the same time is like a miracle. simply breathtaking. :)

ghee-ghee said...


Ive seen them before!!
I took some shots but unfortunately they
never appeared just like yours,too.

they are rare...really..and beautiful!


Anonymous said...

nice picture... i also got a chance to take a pic of 2 rainbows at niagara falls.

hopping from francesca.

darkhooded-angel said...

That is cool. I never saw something like that [I did not even know there is such thing as a double rainbow]. I wish I can see a double rainbow, too.