Friday, September 01, 2006

When September comes....

There is something different about September. I just can’t help but write it in my blog.

When September comes:

1. It’s my wife’s birthday next week. How time flies so fast! She’d be a year older but still looks 21. I want to surprise her and perhaps, celebrate it with close friends and families. (Any wonderful ideas?) I’d also like to take a leave of absence from work just to be with her on that special day.

2. My own birthday is fast approaching. In the next few months I’d be on the last day on the calendar. Whew! I feel too old already. Gone are the days when I enjoyed being the youngest in class, in the office, and among the middle executives in the company.

3. Though still more than 3 months to go, I felt the spirit of Christmas moving in my veins. Gift-giving, parties, holidays, etc…

4. The hope of another new year never fails to amaze me. Counting blessings and looking forward.

Ah, thank God for September! I feel so good today!


ladybug said... birthday this year marks the end of my age being on the calendar...hahaha. Happy birthday to your wife! :-)

dezphaire said...

the BER-era begins! our neighbor actually has christmas lights already. lol.

Francesca said...

in France, september is hard work for all. School starts today Sept 4. All holidayers are back to offices, gone are the days of tahiti and bahamas!

me too, I will be packed up of work, absent ako a week from work, tyak catastrophe na bahay ng employer ko! they came from holidays, so expected , magulo!

then the cold. Autumn is soon to come. Bye bye summer!waah!

haayy, what a routine of the year.
despite: ALL THE SEPTEMBER FUN FOR YOU , LAZARUS! all the best!

Lazarus said...

thanks ladybug, for greeting my wife! she still has a few more years before exiting the days in the calendar.

yes dez, it's now the Ber-months. hmmm...reminds me of the christmas tree we failed to put up last year. Maybe will put it up starting next week. feeling christmas na.

Francesca, September is really a busy month for you. Just look forward at the coming holidays.

niceheart said...

Like Francesca, September for me is a beginning for a lot of things - school, autumn, and of course the new season for my favourite TV shows. :)

Happy birthday to your wife. You're so sweet wanting to get a day off to be with her. :)