Saturday, October 07, 2006

One Last Poem

You asked me for one last poem,
As you said goodbye to us.
I asked myself,
what words am I to write,
other than from a broken heart
and a mind still swirling
at the pain of losing the girl
I love most?

You asked me for one last poem,
as you said that we’re now just friends.
Well, thank you
for the smile, and the love
lost in the confusion of feelings
leaving the blame on me.

You asked me for one last poem.
But I believed
this will never be the last
As I saw a ray of hope
in your eyes.



Batang Malaya said...

Sounds like... not easy to let go...?

Lazarus said...

bro vince, see the date at the bottom. letting go is not easy for the uninitiated. Persistence paid off.

Batang Malaya said...

That's it, mahirap nga... it always come back in our mind... hmm, what do u think would be meaningful, let go and be freed? or hold on and have pain? I'm just thinking aloud, tnx with your post, I'm reminded once again... :)

niceheart said...

Hmm, poet ka rin pala. Nice poem.

gbert said...

so what really happened? was it really the last? :)

Lazarus said...

thanks niceheart!

vince, gbert this poem was written after an LQ, when one wanted to give up and the other wanted to hold on. Anger blurred everything, including hope. But after a while, you'd be happy you didn't give up easily. And you'd be happily writing poems again.

Batang Malaya said...


cruise said...

hanga ako sa commitment mo kung kanino mo man pinapatungo ang tula mo, galing mo pala gumawa ng poem.

Francesca said...

ang dating ng poem , sentimental and romantic.
and realistic too.
hoping for all the best of your goals(poems), lazarus!

Marichu said...

galing na man nang poem sana para sa akin yun heheh ang french language napa ka hirap sa totoo lang just being realistic ang spanish is easy like tagalog
happy weekened!

pauL said...

i dont think it that's the last poem for your girl... hehehe

_ice_ said...

love it.. i love writing poems also.. nung kabataan ko.. hehehe matanda na ba ako..

musta salamat sa pagdropped by.. ex links?

tin-tin said...

galing ha! talented. so not only for quotes, but also for poems :)

iskoo said...

gand ang poem, abasa na ba ito ni girl? lalong mag go glow ang hope sa mata nya kapag nabasa nya ito.

ghee-ghee said...

nice poem!

keep it up! :)