Monday, October 16, 2006

My Second Entry for the Night

Why do I blog anyway? Am I simply writing my left-over thoughts here when my entries are several lines long? When I visited Abaniko’s site and traced the original tag to Gaizabonts they both asked the same question: Why do I blog?

From my own header lines, I wrote … gathering whatever left-over thoughts from whatever source.” Perhaps I should include and sharing these to anyone needing a piece of them.

You see, I started this blog middle of March this year. My first entry was untitled, and it's about boredom. I was worried then that boredom would be my reason for blogging. For many months I was silent. Then I reformatted my site, and wrote about badminton life. Ladybug noticed my entry. Perhaps it was because of her eagerness to search for blogs about badminton.

I consulted my friend who is an “expert” blogger. I asked him how to do this and that. He obliged. But too bad there were so many limitations here. Not like in internet cafes or home internet.

Then the bloghopping began. I enjoyed reading blogs here and there. I think there were many thoughts that could have been contained had the writers revealed their real identities. Somehow, somewhere, a classmate, a friend or an enemy will probably google your name and read your blog. Then probably judge you by what you wrote. Or blackmail you or something. It’s kindda weird, having another online identity, and live by it when you’re facing the screen. The blog becomes a sort of another world. Am I still living in reality here?

In the end, I just hope we all have happy, real and fruitful lives. God bless us all!

p.s. I'll visit all your blogs this weekend.


cruise said...

nag isip tuloy ako paano ako nag-umpisang mag blog.. hmmm...

tama ka nakaka enjoy magbasa ng blogs. una kong nabasang blog yung sa ofcmate ko, photoblogs sya, simula noong gustong gusto syang gayahin pero di ko alam kung paano hangang isang araw tinuruan nya rin ako sa kakabisita ko sa site nya.

personally dami ako natutunan sa blogging, sa sarili ko at sa sharing nung iba. minsan kung di man serious mga tapic at least maalliw ka dahil dami ring magaling magpatawa. dami pa, baka mas mahaba pa comment ko sa post mo, hehe.

pauL said...

i started blogging because someone influenced me... yah i quite enjoyed it kaya i keep on blogging...

keep on blogging! marami kang magagandang 'left over thoughts'... *lol

tin-tin said...

i started blogging because i was jobless. i became active only last year :)