Monday, October 16, 2006

What's on my mind right now?

I really don’t know why I am doing this. I plucked this from Fencesitter and tried it on myself. I think I saw this meme (can someone explain to me what a meme is?) somewhere in my bloghopping. I just can’t recall where. I am a neophyte in the blogosphere.

How often do you blog?

I check my site at least 5x a day except Sundays. Writes twice or thrice a week about anything. Perhaps I am addicted to this bloody blogging thing. I am now considering a long vacation online. Perhaps, after this post, my blogging habit will change.

Online Alias:

Lazarus. Sometimes, I forget my real identity when I’m on blogger. I’ll make my own dotcom someday with my real name on it. But you have to be with me for a long period of time to know what it would be.

Have you ever stood up for someone you hardly knew?

During elections, I’ll stand up for my candidate of choice – even if I hardly knew them. Perhaps, I’m just too familiar with the others.

What do you do most often when you are bored?

Play Starcraft – Broodwars. How’s that? 10 years of playing the same game.

When bathing, which do you wash first?

My hair. Is there any explanation for this?

Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?

Twas 5am when I woke up. Inventory count at 6am. It ended 4am the next day. I hurried off to the bus terminal. Reached my destination after 8 hours. Met a girl, her friends and her family. Talked, listened and talked again. Dozed off at 10pm. It’s 6 hours short. I think I also slept at the bus. This happened 10 years ago.

What color looks best on you?

Blue. I think.

What’s your favorite alcoholic drink?

Favorite? I don’t have any favorite. I tasted red wine. A glass of sweet wine is not enough.

Do you believe in heaven and hell as a real place that each of us will go to after death?

I believe in a real heaven and a real hell, as written in the Bible. I am going to heaven one day. How about you?

Do you find that you have more online friends than offline friends?

I have friends everywhere. Plenty of them offline.

What was your favorite subject in school?

I love Math. But a teacher flunked me in HS (3rd grading) Trigonometry. My fault for taking it easy then. Most of my classmates cheated. I didn’t. But I failed to study as well. I learned my lessons and got perfect scores in the last 3 exams. Twas barely enough to get a passing grade for the whole school year.

What about Accounting? I like History better. And how Lapu-lapu killed Magellan. And how the aetas walked on ice. (really? I refuted my teacher on this.)

Are you a perfectionist?

Used to be. But it’s no use when you are not in full control. Someone will always try to frustrate you, and teach you that “nobody’s perfect”. The truth hurts.

Do you spend more than you can afford?

Risked a few times. Unlikely for an accountant.

Is it better to have loved and lost than never to have loved before?

I realized this quite late. It is best to have loved and won, than to have loved and lost.

Do you consider yourself creative?

I do. Sometimes I don’t.

Do you give yourself the credit you deserve?

First to God. I leave a few recognition for my self.

Do you donate time or money to charities?

Many times I did and would continue doing so. But I carefully choose the charity organization.

Have you recently done something yourself that you’ve criticized others for doing?

I can’t think of anything. Maybe, taking friends for granted at some point or another.

What’s on your mind right now?

Floating between writing this entry and the 2007 budget of one of our branches.


niceheart said...

I also wash my hair first. :) Math was also my favourite subject and I ended up taking accounting.

Lazarus said...

Hi niceheart! I read in your blog that you're also a CPA in RP. I have a friend who is Toronto. He'll be taking exams for a CPA license there.