Thursday, October 19, 2006

There goes my goodbye...

I said I’ll visit blogs this weekend but I lied. My hand automatically clicked the internet explorer and led me to my own blog. Then to my friend’s blog and then to another. I explored even further, and read some other works from other places. I searched for certain topics, and clicked away. Then I saw some blogs coming from my own backyard. So today, I just visited all the sites in my blogroll, and read entries where I previously left.


I cannot help but post another entry for this week. Since last week, I had wanted to post this poem I’ve written 2 years ago. There are times when we have to let go and feel much better.

There goes my Goodbye!
(For M. Sorry we’re not meant to be.)

There goes in flames the last letter
You wrote for me not long ago.
Twas not about love nor hate,
Nor about would-be lovers.

If you ask me, why the silence
Took so long for you to remember
What we've been to,
I have no ready answers.

You were always on my mind,
At the time when the fancy
Was too strong to resist.
I was vulnerable to love.

There goes in flames the last letter
You wrote for me not long ago.
The sweet smile, and the scent of perfume,
I shall remember no more.



tin-tin said...

i hope everything's okay with you now..

Batang Malaya said... more....naks! poem review! But the brighter side, you were able to compose it, and yup! that's it.

pauL said...

apology not accepted!...

joke... no prob... ok lang yun... may other time pa naman to visit our blogs eh... by the way have you seen my latest entry? --> download mo ha... tnx!

Abaniko said...

How sad. At least it happened 2 years ago and it isn't saying goodbye to blogging. :)

iskoo said...

i said i wont visit your blog until you visit mine, but i failed hehe. joke lang, wala bang originality ang linya ko, haha.

ano ba yan gudbye gudbye na poem. mag badminton nalang tayo!

gbert said...

and thanks for visiting mine... hehehe anyway, i just hope i am that good at writing poems, i have tried but really, it sucks! :)

Lazarus said...

tin - i'm okay na. Twas a bit a hanging ending years before I wrote the poem.

vince - now here's a poem about letting go. I was naive then. he he he

hey paul i read your blog yesterday. Sorry I can't download your song due to some firewalls here. I'll try sometime using dial up.

abaniko, goodbyes are heartbreaking. But we have to pick up ourselves again. I am not yet saying goodbye to blogging. Surely not in the next two months.

iskoo, badminton na lang instead of goodbyes. Idaan na lang sa smashes at grudge matches.

Gbert, I hope enjoy na enjoy kayo sa Masskara festival dyan. Fun and busy ha! Formula instead of poetry.

ralphT said...


jef said...

I can feel the sadness and that 'what if' possibility.

Well written...very good :-)

Gypsy said...

Goodbyes are always sad, but its good to know God heals and we grow from these experiences.

Batang Malaya said...

Was naive,too, when i read the first related post, hahaha!