Saturday, November 25, 2006

And She Chose to be Happy

I left her for work the other morning still asking the question why. I kissed her and said, “There will always be a next time.”

She met her doctor friend that morning coming from a nearby province. She too failed that same exam. They were roommates in Saipan. Misery loves company. And company relieves the misery. They visited the agency together and arranged for the next available schedule.

I met them again in the evening. They were giggling, like two teenaged girls, narrating how they were shocked at the results, and then dismissing the failure as just another experience. Doc is a forty something mother of three. It was her first time to fail in any exam in her lifetime, she said. But she’s not sad anymore. My wife, despite the teary evidence in her eyes, let out a smile. She said she chose to be happy.

Doc requested my wife to accompany her overnight in the 4-star hotel she was staying. I immediately agreed. At least they can plan together at how to tackle the next hurdle.


bingskee said...

hi, lazarus. the pain will come to pass sooner than she expects. be there always for her.

in times like this, it's wiser to choose to be happy.

Iskoo said...

everything happens for a reason. God has better and wonderful plans for them :)

Joey said...

failures make us a better person. but honestly i don't know how it makes us better, but pragmatically they really do. I want to share the pain but i can't... because there are indeed a lot of reasons to be joyfull in spite of disappointments.


Lazarus said...

I would like to thank everyone for their comments. She's ok now.

chelsea said...

you know what they say, theres a reason for everything :)

bingskee said...

expect more holiday shifts..