Thursday, November 09, 2006

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday I drove my wife to the airport at 3:30am. It’s her first time to ride a plane. I assured her that everything will be fine. I really wanted to accompany her to Saipan, but the expense is not within our budget for the moment. She’ll be taking the NCLEX exam tomorrow.

After bidding her goodbye, I returned to our house and continued my sleep. I woke up at 9:30 am. I hurried off to work and again continued the seemingly endless budgeting works.

Today, I woke up late again. My mind seems to wander and even the budgeting worksheets are getting inside my dreams. I wanted to finish them as soon as possible, but there are other factors that contributed to the delays. Then there’s the recurring office problem, similar to our country’s economic problem. But I am just thankful that we resolved today’s trouble. We’ll be facing the same crisis tomorrow.

I’ll probably smash off the week’s stress tonight. I’m raring to hit the shuttlecocks again. I had a blast last week, beating a formidable duo in two sets. Well, it’s just one of those better nights. I miss the competition.

Tomorrow will be my wife’s exam day. I hope and pray that she can pass the test. They say it’s not easy. I can’t even give her a call of encouragement. I really miss her. I just want to hug and kiss her when she comes back on Saturday night.


Vince said... it your father's story? or yours? :D anyway, what can I do? basta succesful sana ang result, whenever it was or will be, bukas man or in the past, right? bitin kasi so seems to be your story...sorry, im an impulsive reader sometimes hehehe.

Lazarus said...

bro vince, this one is mine na. My wife is taking the test right now.
Mondays lang ako mag post ng mga stories ng father ko. Tapos lagyan ko ng "Tales of my Father" sa top line. Daghan na ang naglibog (oops, iba pala libog sa tagalog). Akala nila tuloy story ko. he he he.

jef said...

God bless on your wife's exam. I hope she will make it without a hitch.

I remember when I was working with a budgeting report etc before and it drained my whole being. Just a simple mistake will cause you hours of redoing it again hehe!

Well, accounting sucks!

Joey said...


Just hope and pray that everything will go smoothly for your wife.

Best wishes...


iskoo said...

hope your wife will pass the NCLEX exam :)

badminton tayo! hehe

Vince said...

nalibog jud! hahaha! U can speak that dialect? Nalibog na jud todo! opps! I mean, na-confuse! Lmao!

Lyza said...

Goodluck with your wife :)
Having a job seem to be busy. Hehe

Lazarus said...

Thanks for your hopes and prayers!

Thanks for the visit too Lyza.

pauL said...

talaga... my sister will also take her nclex too... God bless to your wife!