Friday, November 17, 2006

A Birthday Poem

I always have mixed feelings as I approach this day every year. I'm not getting younger anymore and time flies so fast. There will be no celebration tonight. But I'll choose to be happy.

A Birthday Poem

I do not know if I’m halfway there.
But the future is a long wait,
Whose path of valleys and hills,
I shall tread with faith.

Yesterday, I thought was a forgotten past,
But the memories lingers long
With each passing time,
Of Stolen hiatus and daily motions.

When I was a child,
Dreams, like rain, were aplenty
People loved me more than now
And possibilities were as endless as the horizon.

Then in my early youth I began
To realize my own unhappiness within,
And of the things I wished I had,
And still, today, never had

Innocence got lost in the vast ocean
Of knowledge and imagination
But I knew I lacked depth of insight
When all I thought the world revolved around me.

I, haplessly mislaid in my own introspection,
Struggled to raise my own belief in myself,
And transformed the way I perceive those around me
With eyes that can see through the heart.

Yes, we all change. Some rapidly,
While others undergo killing pain
Just to perfect the transformation
Like an ugly worm to a pretty butterfly.

I thank God whose hands kept molding me
Into one of much better worth.
Despite the brevity of all happiness and unhappiness,
I find eternal joy in Him.

Thirty years are behind me now
I do not know if I’m halfway there.
And I'm thankful to those people whom
I came to know, loved and cherished.


Vince said...

Happy Birthday, Lazarus! God bless and be bless again :D

Di pa man gyud ka tiguwang ba...edaran ra... hehehe

My prayers and wishes...

Gypsy said...

Happy Birthday! May the Lord continue to use you as His channel of grace.

jef said...

Hapi hapi bertday. Wow, another milestone.

Hope you had/will have a good one.

May God increase your tribe :)

tin-tin said...

happy happy birthday!! :)

Lazarus said...

Thank you vince,gypsy,jef and tin-tin for the greetings!

cruise said...

happy happy birthday Lazarus. you have a good name, I know there is a reason for that. GOd Bless!

iskoo said...

happy happy bday, bata ka pa, dami pa ma a-achieve sa buhay, more blessings to come!

Joey said...

Excellent poem! Happy birthday.
The Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord turn his face upon you, and give you peace.

gbert said...

belated happy birthday!! yeah, choose to be happy, nobody can ever do that to you... more birthdays to come!

niceheart said...

Happy birthday Lazarus. Nice and very reflective poem. I think we do tend to look back and assess our lives as we reach important milestones.

Sonnie said...

belated Happy Birthday! Prayers of health and prosperity for you.

vina said...

haha. i exactly had the same sentiment during my 30th birthday last june.

belated happy birthday!

dezphaire said...

eyyy nov 17? same bday!??