Sunday, January 14, 2007

Love and Hopeless Romantics

Someone who disguised himself as Antonio Gramsci wrote this about me in our college yearbook:

“… is a hopeless romantic. He sees through everything and composes verses in his mind. He talks about the great passions and immersed in them. He is a poet mincing words, evoking feelings, hiding himself…”

A hopeless romatic? It was not because there was an object of beauty that I desired, but because I believe in the ideals of perfect love. Along with it is the perfect timing, the perfect person, at the perfect place. So I just kept to myself the identity of my crushes and made understatements in uttering my admiration.

When asked the question: When are you going to have a girlfriend? My usual reply: In the right time. But at the back of my head, I feared that the right time had already happened, and I let it slip away. I don’t want to undergo the pain of rejection, or being forced to love someone who first loved me. So I waited.

Someone said that one of the mistakes of young men is that they I idolized love too much. Perhaps, there is some truth to it.

Then the right time came, and the right person suddenly appeared in my life (though she was there since we were kids). From friends to lovers, we became. I learned that perfect love is when you accept the imperfection, and love him or her just the same. The perfect timing happens every time you show love and care.

p.s. It will be Valentine's Day a month from now.


-pAm- said...


ako rin..tinatanong..kelan daw ako magkaka-bf.haha.sagot ko rin, in the right time..:P

anyway.salamat sa advice mo ha..

meron lang akong isang tingin mo pano ko didiskartehan ang pag-quit?:(

Balong said...

ahh,...feeling... ideals and right moments... maybe this is the reason why i'm here in this way of life to look for the ideal and the right time is here and now... where's love there's God...

Naks! kanina lang, natawa ako sa blog addict, and now, im serious, ey, medyo napapaiyak ako a!

tin said...

hahaha! natawa ako, dahil binabansagan din akong hopeless romantic. Hahaha!

Love may take long, but it will always take you to where you belong. Just hold on and enjoy the journey. No need to hurry cause your heart will know when its finally home. Learn to trust the perfect time so that you may discover that all the pain found in waiting has a magnificent purpose. In God's time, you will fall in love for the right reason with the right person. When that time comes, love will be worth the wait, the tears, and the pain. Then you'll forget you ever waited.

Lazarus said...

pam,in the right time.

bro, at this time, your vocation is the right action.

tin, i already found the right one in my wife. :) Pareho din kami ng ideals.

cess said...

i have never heard of any young man idolizing love too much, except you. :) most young men i knew and the ones i know now still believe in collecting and collecting then selecting many many years later. ang swerte sana ng naging girlfriend mo had you decided to pursue someone back then.

Lazarus said...

cess, i know there are many young men out there who idolized love too much, mga hopeless romantics. i can count a few among the barkadas back in college. happily married na rin sila.

Anonymous said...

kasi naman pag bata pa(young teenagers) puro puso pa yan.
Meron passage sa Great Book in Jeremia 17:9 The heart is treacherous more than anything else and extremely bad.Who can know it?
Yan ang advice ko sa 2 when it comes to courtships and relationship.
Wag nila gamitin ang puso lang kasi ito ay mapanlinlang.
Tsus, tama na translation ko?
Treacherous heart,(traire est le coeur)
Basta yun na yun.
Musta dyan. 3am na in France, sa pc pa ako lol

francesca(hard to sign in, ????)

tin-tin said...

aga ng valentine's entry ha. hehehe.

ako, ewan ko. hahaha. wala ako masabi about that. hopeless romantic din tlga ako, sa totoo lang :)

ghee said...

oh well,I was a hopeless romantic..up to now,i guess. :)

maintaining the passion wont harm anyone,right? *wink*