Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Untitled Poem

As I was checking my poems folder in my laptop, I came across this untitled poem which I wrote sometime in March 2002. I recalled the circumstances and I can't help but smile. So much for the hopeless romantic in me.

-- -- --

Today, I woke up in a colorless world,
Not knowing what hit me in my dream.
Last night you said goodbye to me
And I can’t still believe you slipped
Away from my grasp.

What is love when it’s not forever?
I treasured us dearly so much,
That though you said you let me go,
I held on with high hopes
And kept my head above the water.

My heart beats slowly now,
Waiting and crying out for your name,
Shedding the last tears from my eyes
And still, I am panting for air

As I cry out aloud, “ Ï love you my dear!”.

-- -- --


cess said...

punong-puno ng emosyon ang iyong tula. :)

Ferdz said...

Naks! Nakakatuwa talaga basahin yung mga luma mong gawa ano?

lazarus said...

Nakakatuwa nga basahin mga old poems ko. I don't have something new.

Daisy said...

awww... you must have been so love-struck then!

Gypsy said...

Uy, ha, pwedeng gawing kanta to ah! :)

Balong said...

walang kupas ang galing ni lazarus! nakaka-inspire yung huling linya... "I love you, my dear..." walang kapantay.

-- mayari -- said...

teehee. this is cute. :) so mushy. heehee.

i like that nostalgic feel. i laugh at my old writings, but i smile at the feelings that go with them.

nice posts. :)