Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Motion Sickness

I am excited every time I pack my bags, whether I travel alone or with some other people. But along with the excitement is my bout with motion sickness.

When I was in elementary, I feel nauseated even in a 30-minute jeepney ride. When I travelled by bus, vomiting was a normal thing for me. I pitied those who unfortunate souls who happened to sit near me. When I rode a boat to Mindanao, I brought along with me a plastic bag. It’s not easy for me. I puked in the boat. I threw up again in the bus.

When I was already working, there was this instance when we had to do cash count inside a vessel plying between Iligan and Siquijor. I couldn’t control myself and vomited outside the boat’s window. The captain offered coffee to ease the feeling. I did not show any sign of fear or embarrassment. I heard that another colleague of mine also vomited when he conducted cash count in another vessel. After the job’s done, I went to my assigned cot and slept for more than 15 hours, until we reached the Cebu port.

When I rode a non-aircon bus from Dumaguete to Mabinay, the winding roads caused some discomfort. I stopped the bus a few meters away from my intended destination, just to escape from the eyes of many people. A few seconds after the bus moved away, I turned my back and vomited. Then I walked towards a carenderia to buy coffee, as if nothing happened. Hard life!

But I had my triumphs. For one, the long trip from Davao to Cagayan via Buda. Then the many bus rides from Cebu to Bacolod via San Carlos and vice versa.

I thought I had fully overcome motion sickness until my recent trip to Ormoc. It was calm when Supercat left the Cebu port. But after 30 minutes of the supposed 2 and a half hour trip, strong waves rocked the boat. I heard cursing from elder people, wails from little children, and a lullaby from a mother who wanted to comfort her crying child.

Some suggested that we turn back. There was one who shouted that he’d punch the captain if he won’t reduce speed. I tried to comfort myself as if I was enjoying the waves. But I felt nauseated after seeing some people vomit. Then there was this smell of white flower liniment which for me, did not help relieve the feeling. I tried to close my eyes. I knew that I had to ask for a plastic bag, but there was no steward near. I tried to deflect the feeling by imagining my brain and trying to locate the nerve that caused the nausea. Then I fell asleep.

We arrived at Ormoc 30 minutes beyond schedule. I felt fine when I stepped outside Supercat. We took our breakfast before we proceeded to Tacloban. The hot soup somewhat relieved my stomach. But I can still imagine the sight of my own vomit.


gbert said...

at least i'm luckier i don't have this problem when travelling.. maybe i was used to.. only that i also have the tendency to puke if somebody else do. waah! buti na lang di tau nagkakasama sa trip kundi magkakasabay pa tau... hahaha

tin said...

lucky me, wala rin akong problema when travelling. Ang hirap siguro ng kalagayan mo. Buti na-oovercome mo yan.

M I C H E L L E said...

I was like that before, pero tagal na yun.. Thank God nawala din, about you hmmm mawawala din talaga yan unti-unti. :)