Friday, January 19, 2007


I was tagged by Wil last week. So, here are the 10 things I would never do.

1. I’d NEVER abandon my faith in God.
2. I’d NEVER disrespect my family.
3. I’d NEVER be an infidel.
4. I’d NEVER take my love ones for granted.
5. I’d NEVER take advantage of my friends.
6. I’d NEVER go scuba diving.
7. I’d NEVER vote for GMA again.
8. I’d NEVER get drunk.
9. I’d NEVER smoke.
10. I’d NEVER read Harry Potter (I’d only watch the movies)

I’d skip the explanations. God, give me the strength.

* - If anyone else is interested in this meme, consider yourself tagged.


Francesca said...

i laugh at Number 7: not to vote gma again, lol

anyway, lazarus, you are becoming a good christian. All the things you say manifest what a good christian is. Swerte ni Lola sa iyo.

One thing, i dont watch or read also harry potter, because its sorcery, mediums and magic film. I dont believe in it.

FRANCESCA (i have sign in difficulty!)why???

tin said...

Harry potter; better in movies than in books. Hahahaha!!

-pAm- said...

gawin ko tong post bukas ha or sa next update ko.hahahaha.:D

[kahit hindi mo ko tinag.hehe..]

well..tama yun. never smoke.haha.drink?


and hp? read 4 & 5..haha.^^

waiting for the hp5 movie.:P

cruise said...

I'd never get drunk and never smoke. kulang nalang ng isa. Di na mambababae, hehehe. *peace*

Lazarus said...

francesca, i'm sure that GMA can't run again for president, unless there'll be charter change. The last time I voted her was for VP.

Tin, I watch Harry Potter because of the visual effects. Not necessarily due to the content of the book.

Pam, don't drink too much ha. I'll read your post on Monday.

Cruise, di ko ba na-include ang "NEVER mambabae"? haha. Include mo yan sa never mo.

gbert said...

ihabol mo sa number 11 yung never mambababae... hehehe sa number 7, kaso lang, mukhang di na nga makakatakbo si GMA... hahaha pero puwede taung makabawi this election... at least sa mga senador nya

Wil said...

interesting list. Thanks for doing the meme. :D

Abaniko said...

Can you add one more?

"I'd NEVER quit blogging."

And another important one:

"I'd NEVER delink Abaniko from my blogroll."

Promise? Hahaha.

Ver said...

Good luck on your goals. :)

cess said...

bakit hindi mo na iboboto si gma * me feigning ignorance*

manilenya said...

ang gusto ko sa lahat yung number 7 :)

bingskee said...

'i'd never vote for GMA again' - me, too!

there's one thing i'd like to share - I'D NEVER STOP LOVING PAPSIE he he nag-announce pa no?

joey said...

I think Harry Potter books are better than the movies.

Swipe said...

I never voted for GMA.

I have never ever smoked. Well, I tried it once. I got a puff and decided that I would never ever smoke.

Getting drunk is something that everyone should experience. I do it periodically.

What have you got against Harry Potter books? Joey's right - the books are better than the movies.