Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I just love the taste of their coffee!

But since 2001, when I first tasted their café mocha in a Makati (Greenbelt) branch, I’ve drank maybe just around 10 cups. And half of those happened when I was in Makati.

There are currently 3 Starbucks branches here in Cebu. They opened a new one at the IT park but I haven’t been there yet. I can count the number of times I’ve been to the other 2 branches; 4 times in Ayala, and once in SM.

Poor me! I love the coffee but… A friend of mine (whom I considered as a Henry Sy in the making) once said that the price is just insane. Yeah, really insane, and no different from the other foreign-owned coffee shops! But last Sunday, I asked my wife that we go out to Starbucks. “It’s expensive!” she exclaimed. “Are you sure?” I let out a grin. “Yeah, I miss Starbucks!”. She smiled in return and said "Me too."


Swipe said...

Hi. I can relate to this post. I once got hooked on Starbucks going as much as 6 times a week for coffee. sometimes twice a day. Then I realized that I was spending 400 to 500 pesos on coffee and it was just too much so I quit.

nona said...

I love coffee too!!!....
by the way, thanks a lot for dropping by @ my art site....salamat din sa nice comment.:D

tin-tin said...

hahaha. i've been to the starbucks in IT park. sa ayala, supposeldy, but it was raining when we planned to go to startbucks. so Bo's coffee na lang. hehe. sa SM yung isa? san dun? di ko nakita :)

Lazarus said...

yeah swipe, it's really expensive. It costs P145 for the large cup.

Hi Nona, i really like you artsite. Thanks for dropping by.

Tin-tin, you were in Cebu pala during the holidays. :)