Saturday, January 27, 2007


Or so I thought.

Nobody poked a knife or a gun at me. But I felt robbed when the ATM did not dispense the amount I withdrew. This was my first time to experience such. It happened three Monday evenings ago at a machine at UN Avenue. The amount was debited from my account, but I got nothing. I checked the machine for some gadgets pranks might have placed to rob unsuspecting victims, similar to those modus operandi type shown on TV. I found none.

I immediately called the number listed in the sticker. “This must have happened here many times?” I thought. I was expecting a pleasant voice at the end of the line but I was disappointed. It seems like they’re not expecting any calls. The sleepy and hoarse male voice told me to refer my concerns to my bank which is in Cebu. “This could not be the process.” I thought. But I kept my calm. The next day, I asked a colleague to call our bank in Cebu. As expected, I was instructed to visit the branch where I made the withdrawal. Since I was in another city in the Metro, I decided the visit the site the day after. But to my dismay, there was no branch coz it was an offsite ATM. I called the other number found on the sticker but they don’t know how to handle my complaints. I was given another number: This time to their ATM Center.

The lady at the other end is quite accommodating. Sometimes, it feels good to hear a pleasant voice on the phone when you feel that your complaints fell on deaf ears. She took my name and some details of the transaction. She said that it would take at least five banking days before the amount would be credited back to my account. She also gave me her name and a number to follow-up, which I noticed was the same number listed on the sticker.

I tried calling that number to make a follow-up and asked for the lady but they told me they don’t know anyone of that name. Again, they referred me to another number. My patience almost ran out. “Ok, I’ll wait for 5 working days”, I thought. I never made a follow up again.

5, 6, 7, 10 working days lapsed so I checked my account thru Bancnet’s website. Still there was nothing credited to my account. Feeling hopeless, I said to myself that I’ll just consider it as my gift to one of RP’s 5 largest bank. But to my surprise, when I checked my account yesterday, the money was already there in my account. That is 13 days after I complained.

Thank you, Bank. I hope you improve your services one of these days.


Abaniko said...

Good thing the money was given back to you. Next time, don't use that ATM anymore.

Swipe said...

Well, at least it has a happy ending.

cess said...

curious naman ako, what bank is that... is there a letter...

lazarus said...

abaniko, i won't use ATMs from that bank anymore.

swipe, i'm thankful for the happy ending.

cess, i think it could happen in any bank. pero yung hassles in calling many numbers just to make a complaint.

niceheart said...

At least you got your money back. But that was such a long wait and I can imagine, it's nerve-wracking being passed from one person to another.

iskoo said...

kainin naman yung kwento mo, pano kung kailangang kailangan mo na pera, there are people who were just trying to meet their both ends, pano nalang kung mangyari sa kanila yun, tsk tsk.

tin-tin said...

you were here in manila? at least the money was returned :)

Francesca said...

kabagal naman yung 13 days. alam nyo ba sa corsica, thing happened like that, they bomb the atm machine, lol!

pasensyoso pa rin si lolo lazarus, haha. Sa france di pede yan kasi dito if negative account mo, may patong ang bangko, kaya ang bank has no right na mag incompetence, or else, may sermon sila ke client.

Yan ang pagkakaiba ng pinoy tayo, may pasensiya. Sa french, mura na abutin nila by email and registred delivery letter. Kaya until 24 hours lang pede wait dito.

YESTERDAY pala i emailed hsbc phils, kasi since 6months di pwede mag online banking anak ko sa pinas ,kasi di pa raw na update. In six months! ano sila, bayad ako service fee of 500 then di naman magamit service nila? Immediately nag reply via email, punta raw anak ko to start pin codes process of online banking, hehe.
Gulatan lang yan, if makuha, haha!