Friday, May 11, 2007


I read in the news the other day about 6-5-1. It's the headline in some tabloids in Metro Manila. No, this is not a number for masiao, that numbers game very popular with my neighbors. 6-5-1 is the choice of the highly influential Iglesia ni Kristo. Six from the TU, 5 from GO and 1 independent. That is already equivalent to 2 million votes given their bloc-vote.

It’s 8-4 for the Federation of Evangelical Bishops International. I wonder why they did not choose Pangilinan. But I think majority of its 4 million members will not base their votes on any endorsement.

El Shaddai endorsed 5-5-2. Bro. Mike will not directly name them. They 'll invite 20 candidates on a rally expected to be attended by some 300 thousand. He'll just wave his hand or wiggle when the candidate's name is called out. His members will then know his choice.

Mine is 5-6-1. And that includes the action star Cesar Montano, and the highly-explosive Lt. Trillanes. Don’t ask me why I included these two in my list. This is not an endorsement either. You may or may not vote for them. I am only a single vote. But I am hopeful that they will deliver.

p.s. I'm sorry to the madam I shook hands yesterday. She was introduced as the wife of a senator seeking reelection. I'm not including her husband in my list. But there's a big chance he'll win anyway.


pam said...

oh i heard that too. and i some kinda dont care anymore with what they're endorsing. :P

melai said...

wow! ang swerte naman nyang madam na nakahawak ng kamay mo..base sa mga nababasa ko dito sa mga blog entries mo mas makabuluhan ka kaysa sa kahit na sinong asawa ng kandidato..pramis.

snglguy said...

These pseudo "Messiahs" think they have all the answers to this country's ills. When in actuality, they are part of the problem...

Francesca said...

laz, these comment might be spicy to some, but what I know is, our Lord Jesus Christ NEVER participate in any politics.

religion and politics is like oil and water, it cannot mix/blend together.

Power is so greatful that eventually they will fight who is the top among them.

A true religion is not like that.

and Jesus is the head of Iglesia ni Christo, isnt it?

tin said...

Excited na ko sa election. Gusto ko ng malaman kung sino mga mananalo. I hope lang na walang dayaan na magaganap.

alvin said...

Another history unfolds today. I actually voted. Does this make me a Filipino? hehehe
I hope these people stop poverty in this country.

Who is this madam?

Lazarus said...

pam, kahit sino pa ine-endorso nila, it wont matter to us. But to some who are still undecided, it's a kind of a push for these candidates.

melai, her husband is doing well in the unofficial count.

snglguy, all of us can be part of the solution, and pwede na rin sa problema, if we failed to do what is right. These endorsements may not matter to us. pero it's a big deal for the others.

Lazarus said...

francesca, i think religion can greatly influence politics.

tin, the cheats are always there. but I just hope that they serve the people well after the elections.

alvin, voting is your right. The madam? She's not Ate Showie. he he he.