Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Election and Mothers' Day

Election is over. I voted for my 6-5-1. Nine of them are inside the magic twelve of most unofficial tallies. I was searching for Tol Defensor’s name. I think he deserves to be in the senate.

I voted for our incumbent Mayor’s opponent, just like I did for the last two elections. He is leading and I am not complaining. I’m sure he’ll win again. So why did I vote for his opponent when Mr. Mayor is doing very well (but not according to his critics)? I hate to answer that.

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May 13 is Mothers’ Day. I sent an SMS message to my Dad as he was out-of-town with my mom. Dad sent his reply, “Mama needs your voice”. I laughed at myself. I was expecting that reply. I did try to call them but they’re out of reach. Only the text message went through. So I tried and tried again until I contacted them. Happy Mothers’ Day Mama!

May 13 is also the birthday of my late grandmother. I am sure she is very happy in Jesus’ side right now.


annamanila said...

I voted yesterday too though I had half a mind not to. But I haven't missed a single election since I was old enough to vote ... so i summoned all the enthusiasm (and hope) i could muster and joined my kids to the precinct.

I didn't vote with categories or parties in mind. So I can't tell you my ratio. Yup, I voted for Defensor too.

I guess even hopeless hope is a good thing huh.

Does "lazarus" have biblical connotations?

ladycess said...

hahaha! i understand why youd rather keep silent about your reasons. at least i think i understand :)

happy mother's day to your mom. oo nga naman, your voice cannot be replaced by a text message hehehe. glad to know napagbigyan mo ang lambing nila :)

tin-tin said...

naks! galing mo pala bumoto eh. san parent smo? bantayan? hehe ;p

lazarus said...

annamanila, thanks for the visit! I guess we better cling to that little hope left. This is still our country.

About my name (blog identity), there is a link in my header.

Cess, there is no dramatic reason why I always voted for the opponent of Mr. Mayor. he he.
My mom was delighted to hear my voice.

Tin-tin, they went to my dad's hometown somewhere south. Maybe in a few years, my dad will run for a place in the town council.

tutubi said...

all i can say is that i voted for kapatiran even if i know they'll lose

i'm looking still for alternatives to mud-slinging GO and TU-- both greedy anyway

my choice... :)

vernaloo said...

ahhh never pa akong bumoto...

Anyway hehehe that was sweet :) Belated Happy Mother's day to your Mom and wife :)

sexy mom said...

like all mothers are--to hear the voice is much better, much more humane, than SMS

belated happy mother's day to your mom.

dodongflores said...

I'm glad you could vote. Ako, I wasn't able to vote since 2001 because I was moving from one place to another. I wish your choice of candidates win. I do believe you have a keen sense of judgment...