Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Best Team Lost

I am disappointed, frustrated and sad. But I cannot shed a tear right now. Why in the world am I affected with this when everything happened at the other side of the globe? I was not there at Anfield at the time of the killing. I am not even a party to all of these. They don’t know anything about me. I am just a mere fan coming from basketball fanatic nation. I have not lost in a bet, too. But why, oh why I am sad today as I surfed the web?

My daily web routines include a click to my blog, and then to this site. This particular news really, really saddened me. Though I no longer have sleepless nights watching games at dawn because we cut off our cable subscription, I could still dream of the result. I was hoping for a different outcome.

Yes, I’m talking about the 2nd leg of the semi-final game of UEFA Champions’ League between Liverpool and Chelsea. “The best team was knocked out of the competition”. This is the preferred quote of my favorite manager, and whatever he says I will agree.

For the second time in three years, the same team knocked Chelsea out at the same stage of the competition. First, it was a lucky (contested) goal. Now, it’s the penalties. Chelsea’s dream of a quadruple is ambushed. And it’s Liverpool again topping the best team. I better not cry nor write like a sore loser. Liverpool fans are all happy right now. May you win it again in Athens!

And I, like the rest of the Chelsea squad and their few believers, will dream again in the next season. I just hope ‘the Special One’ will still be there to guide them through.


Daisy said...

Ohh I missed the game last night coz I was blogging... but hubby who was rooting for Chelsea watched it. Shempre, football is his fave sports and Chelsea's goal keeper is Czech. Well have to look for another team to root for in the championship games.

pam said...

naku naman. hehe. :P hindi ako makarelate dito. rawr.

nba na lang. hehe. :D

Ferdz said...

Ah! Soccer. Dati nung na emply ako ng isang german nakapanood ako ng game. Ang hirap at nakakapagod. Isang goal lng napakahirap i score. Do you play the game as well?

lazarus said...

Daisy, liverpool is on my top 5 fave. After they dumped chelsea, i'd root for them again, just like in 2005, against AC Milan.

pam, one of these days, i'll blog about sa nba. my team was just swept by the raging bulls.

ferdz, i used to play soccer pero hanggang p.e. lang. i'm too lazy to run around without any other action. though, soccer was the most popular intrams game nung high school pa ako. if you'd watch the espn football hightlights, you'd be amazed at how they score.

fence said...

i share your pain dude. ManU lost to Milan. Gad. been following them when i was in SG, losing precious sleep in the process. Got mesmerized by ronaldo and rooney. but you know, shit happens.

Francesca said...

NAKU laz, when the game played on tv here in France, nasa resto kami ng mga anakis and lolo, grabeh sa sigawan nong hindi na count ng referee ang points for liverpool!
ang saya ng laro, si Lolo nag enjoy!

sa sports, no team can win the game all the time...
Teka makasundo mo si frenchman ko, addict sa football!

sexy mom said...

i cannot relate--my basketball watching is only limited to UAAP (and how i cheer at the araneta) Ateneo games.

just dropping by to say hello!