Friday, May 25, 2007

Five Bloggers

This is a long overdue post. I drafted this one more than two months ago, right after Tin-tin tagged me. I traced the original from Carey. She even mentioned me in this post. Daghan kayong salamat, Tin-tin and Carey!

The rules:
1. Choose five blogs randomly from your blogroll. - I chose five but not at random. I would just like to include the two bloggers here whom I know personally. One knows who I am, while the other, I’ll tell him once we bump into each other one of these days.
2. For each blog, choose at least one entry (you could add more) which is your favorite post by this blogger.
3. Include a link to this post and explain why you like it.
4. The chosen five bloggers are considered tagged and they will also have to do the same in their blogs. I know that some have been tagged before. There is no need for you to do this.

Now here’s my list:
1. Fencesitter - This guy loves to blog. In fact, I consider him as my mentor in blogging. His latest blog, which he says is his mistress, is here. The wife, because of some unresolved java issues, is left here.
Try reading his tales here and here. (Sorry for giving you too much attention mate. But I wish to see you featured in some prestigious dailies one of these days.)

2. Gypsy – She frequently travels. The first time I bumped into her blog, she was in Davao. Then she went to Manila, Thailand, and now, UK. She once wrote this entry about korean novelas. After watching “Love Story in Harvard”, I never watched a koreanovela again. Addictive.

3. Bystander– He’s a young lawyer who vows to uphold his oath. But there is one entry that quite created a stir in his generally peaceful site.

4. Francesca – You would love reading her pang-maalala-mo-kaya stories. She talks about her not-so-happy first marriage, her new found love, her family and her experiences in Monaco and France. Her every post is full of wit and sincerity.

5. Ferdz - He is an award-winning blogger. His every post is amazing. I just can imagine myself travelling to the places he features. Here are some pictures of god-knows-where paradise islands. (Capones and Sabtang).

Whew! This tag has been in my draft for the longest time. At last, I finished it now.


Wil said...

I'm only familiar with Ferdz and Gypsy. I'm a bit envious of bloggers who get to travel quite a bit. :D I'll have to check out the other three bloggers on your list. :)

the bystander said...

Thanks for featuring me. It's an honor to be mentioned as one of the five. Again, matzalamz lazarus! Ayo-ayo bai!

tin-tin said...

thanks for doing this. same as wil, si ferdz and gypsy, pa lang napuntahan ko. but i've visited the blogs of those you mentioned. and magaling nga sila :)

vernaloo said...

I have yet to check the others. I'm only familiar with Mareng Gypsy :)

Francesca said...

second time na na tag ako for this assignments, huhu!
Sad as my laptop is always with my kids, cant do blogging , happy that someone recommend my blog.
Hayaan mo Laz, gagawin ko rin yan.
Pang maalala mo kaya pala buhay ko.
Sana makuha ni madame charo santos, para may pera tayo, haha. Bah, ten percent ka, oks ba?

Siya, makibasa nga sa mga na link mo!

lazarus said...

wil, do check them out also.

bystander bai, way sapayan! keep on blogging.

tin-tin, thanks for the tag. just like you, magagaling din sila lahat.

lazarus said...

verns, you should check them out too.

francesca, remember i commented on your post before na pwede na sa MMK ang storya mo? Sana mabasa ni ate charo. 10% is fine with me. he he he.

zherwin said...

i agree with Ferdz, adventurer/awesome photographer/award-winning blogger, all the right ingredients. i came across with his blog when i am searching for infos about anawangin, and he's so right, you'll come back for more. :)

Ferdz said...

Wow! Thank you for this! Reward na sa akin when people appreciate my work pati at the same time help and inspire them as well. I'll visit the other blogs you mentioned. I'm sure magaganda rin yan.

Annamanila said...

Among your choices, only gypsy is in my blogroll I lover her travelogues but i don't remember the piece on korean telenovela. But yes, my friends are addicted too.

Your choices sounds superb. will check them out one of these days. uhmmm kelan kaya.

Gypsy said...

Hey thanks for mentioning me--so you dont watch Korean Dramas anymore?? Ako rin, sumasakit ang ulo ko sa English translations nila..hehehe.