Friday, June 29, 2007

In The Hot Seat

I’m in the hot seat again. This time, I was interviewed by the widely-traveled Gypsy. Sorry for taking so long to answer your set of questions. It took me quite a while to recover from the stress brought about by answering those of Annamanila. It’s actually my fault. What about a presscon next time?

Kidding aside, here I am again exposing myself.

1. I once read about you helping your wife do housechores. So what is the housechore you perform that you think you can do best?

I can cook. I know how to wash clothes. I can wash the dishes too. Wives love that. But my wife won’t let me. Many times I insisted. Most of the time, we compete as to who’s the better cook. Of course, she's wins.

2. What’s the story behind your header graphics? Is it because you’re a big pizza fan or is there a deeper, more “profound” reason for the header?

Ah, the header! There’s nothing profound really. I can’t find a picture for leftover foods. So I just plucked from somewhere this pic, then paste it in powerpoint plus a few designs, then saved it as a jpeg file. Then I uploaded it as my header.

3. You seem like a romantic person from the posts you have on love, so can tell us how you proposed to your wife? And if you have to do the proposal again, how would you do it?

Hmmm… After dinner at a restaurant, we took a stroll in a park, happily hand in hand. When we reached at a footbridge, we stopped, gazed at the stars, and admired its wonders. Then out of the blue, I pulled out the engagement ring and asked her to marry me.

There could be other ways to propose, you know. We’ve seen them in the movies. One of these days, I’d surprise her again.

4. You have one post (as far as I checked!) in Cebuano. What “triggered” you to post in Cebuano and what would trigger you to post in Cebuano again?

I really love writing in Cebuano. I love the dialect. I used to read the “Bisaya” magazine and the Cebuano Bible when I was still a kid. I have a few poems in Cebuano, too. Maybe I should make a separate blog for all my cebuano posts.

When I wrote my latest Cebuano post, this question was not really in my mind. I think I’ll post another, two months from now.

5. If you were given the chance to join any of the reality or game shows in TV (PBB, Deal or no Deal, etc), which two would you choose to join and why?

The PBB and the “Deal or No deal” do not appeal to me. I can’t be on PBB. I’m too reserved and camera-shy. I don’t think I can stand in Kris’ presence, too. You know what I mean.

But I’m a big fan of the Battle of the Brains and Jeopardy. What does that say about me?

Sunday, June 24, 2007


(Warning: I won't be posting any english translations here. Just read if you can understand the dialect. Some words may not be even understandable because they are not used in the normal conversations.)

Mularga na pud ko ugma padulong sa Manila. Kadaghan na man ko gabalik-balik didto karong tuiga. Kalaay baya sa kinabuhi didto. Bisan tuod ug naa ko dapit sa Malate naka check-in, di man gyud ko malingaw. Bisan pa sad sa kadaghan sa mga suga nga madanihon, ug sa mga tawo nga usahay mahimuot na lang ko sa ilang di masabot nga panamit, wala man gyud didto akong kasing-kasing. Mosayo na lang ko ug tago sa akong lawak, tan-aw sa TV, dayon matulog.

Unsa na lang kaha no kung mabalhin ko ning lugara, tungod sa pagpang-empleyo? Adto na lang ko sa amerika. Didto sa may bukid bukid gamay, sa may probinsya sa 'Tate" unya mag drayber na lang ko. Mabiyaan man gyud nako ning akong pagka-accounting ba.

Bitaw, lingaw man sad ning larga-larga. Sa una, tungod sa trabaho nako sa audit, pa-picture dayon sa mga lugar nga bag-o lang nako maadtui. Sa Legaspi, sa Biliran, Iligan, Bohol, Tacloban, Guimaras, Catbalogan, Camotes, ug uban pa. Karon, murag lahi na. Mingawon gyud sa akoa akong asawa, labi na kay pirmi na ko larga. Ako pud mingawon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Chasing Summer

What is summer without a vacation? Summer ended so fast, like we almost totally forgot about it. In our last ditch to enjoy this year’s summer, we headed to a volcanic island somewhere in Mindanao.

Can you guess where that place is? From a distance, the island is really a breathtaking sight. I’d been to the place once. But it was because of work that I was there. Duh! Work gets into pleasure. But believe me, I had no intention of enjoying the place then, because of an unfinished work, and the lack of financial resources. I only had my traveling allowance.

Now that I’ve carefully scheduled the trip, some delays in the shipping lines almost aborted our plans. I was already in Mindanao because I took the Manila-CDO flight. But my companions were stuck in the delayed ship from Cebu.

Good thing everything went well despite the unexpected delay. It took us only a day to roam the island’s famous places. And we also took a dip at clear water of some sand bar. I really wondered where in the world did they get the fine white sand in the islet. Every place else around the main island have dark brown sand.

See, at this white island, every clear day is summer.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Unmasked (an interview with Annamanila)

The other day I contradicted my own statement, as stated in my About Me section. “Do not ask. Just let me tell it to you.” I got the courage to ask AnnaManila (and Gypsy) to interview me. Envy did me in. Plenty in my blogroll got interviewed already.

So, here are my answers to Annamanila’s very tough interview questions.

1. What was the most exquisite thing you have ever said or did in anger or loss of temper?

Honestly, I seldom get angry. I am a very patient and level-headed person.

But I did things when I was a kid. I punched my friend who bullied me. He cried without even getting even. I also threw a stone at another bully, then taking cover. Ah! Bad me! Sometimes, when a taxi driver is overcharging, I’ll say “This is just my advance abuloy” then hurry away. After a few minutes, I say a silent prayer, regretting the foul words that I previously uttered. “Lord, Bless the taxi driver. I’m sorry I cursed him. Keep him safe. May he come to know You.”

2. If you believe that nothing happens for no reason, what do you think was the purpose of your strict uncle’s coming and going in your life. What are your leftover thoughts about him?

I am on speaking terms with my uncle. I’m sure he did not know I had a grudge against him when I was on my teens. It was more of an acceptance on my part. He taught me many things that were not within the level of my usual playmates. Chess, scrabble, boogle, guitar, etc….

As I matured, I began to dismiss grudges and all those putdowns I encountered in my childhood and early teens. Being of “melancholy” personality, I learned it’s a natural tendency for me to keep grudges and scheme reprisals. But I knew God changed me. I may remember the events, but I do not keep grudges anymore.

3. What will it take to unmask you? Tell us what you are—with all the masks removed – in one word or sentence.

A long time ago, a psychology professor mentioned about masks people wear, and games people played. A mask is not really about pretending. It is just like hiding one's true feelings. I think we all wear masks. We just smile even with our clenched fist ready to strike. We say "it's ok" even if it's not. We scheme of vengeance though congratulating the opponent. We put mysterious names as our online identity. And so on and so forth.

I think sincerity pierces invisible walls, barriers and masks. But I still am complicated in some other ways. Just accept me as I am. I am a good friend. And I look at the good side of other people, despite their angst, sarcasm and the masks they also wear.

In this blog I revealed plenty of what's going on in my heart and thoughts. I am already unmasked slowly.

4. Do you identify with the Biblical Lazarus? Why? Otherwise, how did you fancy yourself as a lazarus?

My initial idea is just about leftover foods. And then connect it with leftover thoughts. There are two Lazarus in the Bible. One is Jesus’ friend, and the other is that poor man who fed on leftovers from the rich men. The latter is a character in a parable. So I just likened myself to the one who enjoyed leftovers, not just food, but also ideas.

5. Have you ever felt burnt out in a year or so you have been blogging? How did you bounce back?

Ah burn-out! Sexy Mom once commented that I’m too young for that. I really felt like I’m stuck right now at a certain level in my career, and facing some crisscross roads. I don’t think I have fully bounced back. But I take it a step at a time. This is just one of those moments in life that I have to go through. Blogging somewhat lightens the load. Career-wise, I am anticipating exciting turns in the next few months.

------ xxx --------

I would like to thank Anna for taking the time to read some of my previous posts, and come up with the tough questions.

Do you want to be interviewed and have headaches for days? Here are the rules:

1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Friday, June 15, 2007


I’ve been blogging about football for sometime now. Let’s try NBA this time.

So who won? If you think it’s the Bulls, or the Lakers, you’re simply out of the NBA circulation for quite a long time. The Bulls last won it in 1998, during the Jordan era. The Lakers won it last in 2002, with Phil, Shaq and Kobe at core.

It’s the Spurs who won it this year. They’ve done it thrice in the last five years. And they did it in a convincing 4-0 sweep against the lowly Cleveland Cavaliers. Sorry Cavs fans out there. This is not your time yet. With LeBron around, you don’t have to wait for another 43 years for the trophy.

I was about to be root for the Cavs after they dumped my Pistons. The amazing LeBron James just can’t find his shot in the finals. Or it was just short of his amazing plays against the Pistons in the conference finals. But this is the mighty Spurs he is against with this time. Parker came out as the better player.

To lose in the finals is one thing. But to be swept is another. It’s like being kayoed without even hitting the opponent. Ah, it hurts! But there is no need for James, nor his followers, to whine about it. He is still young and he already carried his team to the finals. It’s a rare feat. He is no Jordan, nor Kobe. He is LeBron James, a legend in the making.

A consolation for James though. His girlfriend gave birth to Bryce Maximus James, their second child, hours before game 4. Congrats LeBron! I hope to see your team in NBA finals again next year.


“Sometimes, I wish I’m irrational. Flaring up before anyone can react. Then blame it on some mood changes and bad temper. Patience can sometimes put one on a disadvantage. And there are moments when I like to lose my patience. Damn the consequences. Sensitivity can be the least of my concerns. One blow will settle everything. But how can I be that cruel? Maybe it’s because of some heartless soul pushing me to the limits.”

The above was what I felt a few days ago. I typed it and saved it in my cellphone, hoping to blog about it. I don’t like to post my rants. But somehow, I can reflect on them. What if I lost my patience after I was provoked? Can I walk away with a clean conscience afterwards?

I just thanked God for the power to restrain myself at that very intense situation. Otherwise, who knows what could happen next.

Friday, June 08, 2007

15 Whatever Facts

I was tagged by Alvin and Daisy last week. Here are 15 weird/little-known/strange facts about me.

1. I can make toys out of folded papers. It’s quite weird actually. Planes, swans, guns, frogs, spaceships, etc…We can’t afford decent toys then.
2. I learned driving thru an F1 race simulator in timezone ayala. I chose the manual mode.
3. I can play takyan (sipa) and do those fancy moves, even now that I’m 31 and 200 lbs.
4. I am not into horror movies. I had nightmares of Dracula weeks, after I watched a TV series, when I was still a kid.
5. I was 6 when I had my first crush. I can remember the name but not the face and the feelings.
6. Not a soul knew of my crushes from elementary till college. Some trees/plants are just unlucky. I inscribe my crushes’ initials on their barks.
7. I am a Jet Lee (now spelled Li) fan. I watch all his movies. I even dreamt of flying over rooftops.
8. Violet used to be my favorite color. I don’t understand now why I used to like it.
9. Green lantern is my favorite hero in the justice league. I can’t explain it. It must be ring.
10. In college, I played badminton till I can no longer lift a bottle of coke. I had my other hand support my aching arms. Addict talaga!
11. I failed in my first subject in high school. And it was hell after that. That is why I wanted so much to change everything in college. See my previous post.
12. I love gardening. I even want to have a farm of my own someday.
13. I’m a ‘jars of clay’ fan. Except for the last album, I have most of their songs saved in my hard disk.
14. I know how to spin tops and catch it spinning in mid-air. Only few at school can do it.
15. To my embarrassment, my fave teacher in elementary school kicked my butt when he found out that I joined my classmates in a mud war. No hard feelings, sir.

And I got to tag 5 people. I don’t usually drag people to answer memes. But I hope Jho, Bro. Vince, Wil, Julai and Phanyang have the time to do this tag. Alvin gave me one week to do this. My deadline should have been yesterday.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Exes (Love lost)

I watched the Pinoy Big Brother episode last night about the Battle of the Exes. I guess it was just a replay of the other day’s events. I just don’t know coz I only watch the show at least once a week (or at most twice). I also don’t know why I’m blogging about it. Perhaps this is just to get it out from my head.

Bruce and Dyesie - I only saw the latter part. But Bruce was just so cool during the encounter. Or perhaps he just acted cool. It is not easy to let go someone you love. After 2 years of cooling it off, and 100 days inside PBB, he must have forgotten all his feelings for her. No love left for Dyesie. She should move on. She deserves someone better.

Bea and Ackie – Typical Chinese couple, I guess. I think she’s too pretty for him. (I really like her to win. Hmmm... she’s nominated for eviction, by the way.) Bea was shrieking and giggling before the meeting. Perhaps it’s a mixture of excitement and ‘I-don’t-want-to-meet-you’ feelings. Her world must have changed when he hugged her. They should reconcile after PBB. Otherwise, someone else will take her away.

Gee-Ann and Miggy – They look like a pretty good match. However, if Gee-Ann’s allegation that Miggy has another girl, then, there’s no point of continuing the relationship. If it’s just a matter of jealousy and misunderstanding, 100 seconds is not enough to settle it. Had he hugged her tightly and intimately in those few seconds, I’m sure she’d give him a second thought. But it was a shallow hug. And he looked like guilty too, avoiding eye contacts most of the time.

There goes my thought on the matter. I never had an ex so I can’t speak much about exes.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Post 101: 15 Tips for School

Today is the first day of class for most students. I remember my own fist time in the university. There was this certain feeling of awe and fear when I first passed the halls and entered the classroom. Good thing there was this pretty girl seated not far from me. And she smiled at me too. It already made my day.

To all freshies, here are 15 tips of what you should do on the first day and on the first week. Remember, first impressions last. You can be famous.

1. Befriend the best-looking girl/boy in class. If you think you’re the best-looking girl/boy in class, befriend everyone.
2. Befriend the nerds and the geniuses, or even the genius-looking. You can borrow some of their brains.
3. Study well on your first few exams. Top it as much as possible. Then everyone else will recognize you. When you’re already on top, you’d be forced to maintain your lofty status. So, you’ll probably graduate with honors.
4. Volunteer to lead small groups. Everyone else is just scared.
5. Avoid those who belittled you in high school. They’re a hindrance to your goals.
6. Create a new image.
7. Buy new clothes, perfumes, bags, ballpens and notebooks.
8. Make sure your teacher recognize you. Correct him of any mispronunciation of your name, and then wink at the best-looking girl/boy in class.
9. Recite, ask questions and defend a classmate in a debate.
10. Don’t pretend to know everything. Just throw back the question.
11. Speak louder on topics you know very well.
12. Join a reputable campus organization.
13. If you choose to be an activist, look like an intellectual, not a peasant.
14. Don’t be too attached to anybody or any group. Hang out with all groups, if possible.
15. Eat where the masses eat. Like in the famous carenderia outside school. But visit the canteen once in a while.

I love college better than high school because of the above. I was almost famous.