Thursday, December 21, 2006


Today is my parents’ 32nd wedding anniversary.

There are so many things I admire about them, and these are just some of those:
1. I never ever saw them fight or argue, not even in silence.
2. I never ever heard any of them complain about each other over anything. Even my father’s snore is like music to my mother.
3. They enjoy each other’s company. Seldom will my father travel to other places without my mother.
4. They never fight with neighbors, but always invite them whenever we have parties.
5. My mother is the no.1 fan of my father’s tales. She does not get bored listening to them.
6. My father adored my mother and many times he repeated to us his version of their first meeting: Love at first sight at the school library.
7. All of us 4 siblings got equal treatment and attention. Though I received most of the punishment then, because I am the eldest and the only son.

All of the above are very difficult to follow. But anyway, they promised to love each other forever.

To my parents, Congratulations! May you have many more wedding anniversaries to come!


niceheart said...

Wow! Your parents have a great relationship. It's true that it's tough to follow. But at least you have that model to emulate and strive for. Congrats to them.

Merry Christmas, Lazarus!

tin-tin said...

wow! congratulations to your parents! :)

merry christmas! :)

iskoo said...

pls pass my greetings to your mom and dad, happy anniv.

mapalad din sila na magkaroon ng anak tulad mo kasi na re recognize mo how good they are. kapag nabasa nila itong post mo i am sure matutuwa sila :)

ralphT said...

sweet. :) happy anniv to your parents!

happy holidays! =)

Lazarus said...

Thanks Niceheart, tin-tin, iskoo and ralph! It's really hard to emulate them. Those little fights, i call them spices.