Saturday, December 09, 2006

Who Can Stop the Typhoon?

The ASEAN Summit is postponed due to typhoon. And some personal plans had to be deferred.

I already imagined myself enjoying the white beach and the clear waters of Sta. Fe. But what can I do? Typhoon “Seniang” will hit the island tonight and tomorrow. Though our scheduled travel is still on Sunday, and the storm might probably weaken by then, the postponement of the summit quite normalized the schools’ calendar. So there will be classes, and the 4 or 5 teachers who were supposed to go with us, will now be reporting to their schools.

Ah Seniang! Incidentally, the typhoon has the same name as Aunt’s cook, whose temperament is also unpredictable. So here's a view of the typhoon’s path:

I just called up a colleague who is in Tacloban City right now. The typhoon is there at this hour. Not that strong, he says, but it will send big waves to the island paradise of Bantayan. I heard from my sis that not a single boat was allowed to leave both ports of Sta. Fe and Hagnaya. Her officemates are stranded there at this moment.

Dark clouds are covering the city right now, but a clear blue sky usually follows a storm. And I don’t have to whine and rant about the postponement of some happiness. Even the government cannot stop the typhoon.


gbert said...

yeah, i heard... tapos na ba yung convention center? dito sa bacolod mejo binabagyo din that's why postponed din yung exams ng tutee ko... but good for him, he wasn't ready yet, especially sa maths nya, di pa nga ready magdivide ng fractions... and we still have enough time for his physics, wag lang tamarin for our sessions

Iskoo said...

pabago bago naman ang panahon, baka mamaya lilinis na naman ang bagyo. sana ma enjoy mo ang holiday mo kahit me konting ulan :)

tin said...

sana lumihis yang typhoon. Unpredictable din kasi minsan katulad nung sa Reming. Hay. Iba talaga hagupit ng nature. Hehe.

Abaniko said...

If only corrupt officials will get to pocket millions of millions of pesos if the typhoon can be stopped, they'd surely move heaven and earth to do just that - STOP the typhoon. Hehe.

Francesca said...

against a natural disaster, no one can beat.
French people who knew me I came from Philippines, asked me thousand times, they saw last weeks catastrohe and curious to know how my family there. I told them: fortnately they are in manila, and around 600kms away.
then when they learned again another typhoon, coming, they told me: your family,olaaahh, faire attention, (careful daw)
baka ma tsunami na ang pinas, sila ang mas takot, lol
lazarus, buti oks lang manila no?

tin-tin said...

i just hope that after christmas there will be no typhoon in cebu :)

Lazarus said...

gbert, di pa tapos finishing touches ng convention center.

iskoo and tin, the organizers are just cautious this time. The last devastating typhoon that hit Cebu 12-14 years ago, was not supposed to hit cebu. Lumihis pababa.

Abaniko, there is more money pag may typhoon. he he he.

Francesca and tin-tin, seldom ra magka typhoon ang cebu unlike manila. Sa Mindanao, (except Surigao), walang typhoon.

cruise said...

ilang bagyo yang sunod sunod, tinamaan na naman ang south, yung iba di pa nakakabawi sa huling pinsala sa kanila may dumating na naman na bati. ingatz, lang. may ilang araw ka pa bago umuwi :)