Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Football Again

I always thought that the best football clubs and players in the world are all in Europe, regardless of their original nationality. And the other domestic clubs are left with either the promising, second-rate, or beyond-the-peak players. The culprit: Money. These footballers are like gods for their fans. Then some wealthy European Club snatch them up and offer them and their clubs money.

Football is business after all. But I am not to dwell on that. And business is good for the game.

In the most recent FIFA World Club Championship held in Japan, the South American side prevailed. Internacionales of Brazil eked out a 1-0 victory over Barcelona, the current UEFA Champion’s League and La Liga Cup holder. So who are the stars of Internacionales? I don’t know. Names are familiar though, but they are just namesakes of other famous players in Europe.

So what’s the final score? From 1980 up to the present, South American clubs prevailed 14-13, over their wealthy European counterpart. The 2005 edition saw Sao Paulo crushed Liverpool.

On the latest FIFA rankings, Brazil sits on top despite not winning the world cup. The current world champion, Italy, is second. And what about the Philippines? We're at 171, an improvement from 184 last month.


iskoo said...

aba buti nasa listahan pa tayo, ilang bang countries ang kasama?

Lazarus said...

206 countries all in all sa FIFA list. we're better than vietnam and cambodia. at least for this month alone.