Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Rush

The other day, I was walking aimlessly inside Makro. It was supposed to be a midnight sale but I was not in the mood to buy anything. All the items I wanted were still regularly priced, and I didn't want to join the very long queue at the counter.

I don’t want to be there in the first place. I, as always, avoid every madness of a midnight sale. But my wife prodded me to drive them to Makro so that they could have a last peek at the sale items. They were disappointed as well.

x x - o - x x

The other day I was at SM. I was fortunate enough to find a parking space near the entrance in such a busy night. I was supposed to pick-up my wife and her sis. Again, I was aimlessly walking and walking, not picking up anything to buy. Too many people! Not enough breathing space for me. I did enter US Booksale, as it was less crowded and picked up a few books. But still, I left empty handed.

x x - o - x x

So, there are two remaining Christmas parties which I have to attend this weekend. I need to buy a couple of gifts for manito-manita. And I still owe something to my 26 godchildren. It's normally me, every Christmas rush.


ghee said...

Merry Christmas,Lazarus!!

Iskoo said...

meron ka pang isang araw para gawin lahat ito! goodluck and Godbless...

Merry Christmas and Happy NEw Year/

tin-tin said...

i hate crowded malls. as in. hehe.

merry christmas lazarus! :)

tin said...

i hate crowded places too.

merry christmas lazarus! :)

Francesca said...

lazarus, 26 god children? mama mia!
kadamo! can you still keep up? baka this year, mag dagdag na, haha.

Next time kaya, say: sorry, I prefer rabbits this year. LOL

Lazarus said...

Merry Christmas everyone! I was able to buy gifts for manito manita. But perhaps, new year's gift na for the children. More than half of these kids I meet every Sunday.

tin-tin said...

how about my gift? just kidding!

happy new year! i hope 2007 will be a better year for you. more stories to tell. God bless :)

Abaniko said...

If you don't want buying in crowded malls, you can buy gifts after New Year. Then, you can keep them for 2007 Christmas. Hehe. Happy New Year to you, bro.