Thursday, December 28, 2006

Post Christmas Cravings

December 25. Immediately right after the Christmas program, I escaped to the tent which we put up on our Aunt’s lawn. It was already 3am, and the others were still so alive in their conversation and in their inspection of the gifts they received. I was so dead tired that I slept till 730am, and not minding the happenings and the conversations outside. I did not even notice my wife enter the tent at around 5am. She just slept for an hour then got up to join the conversation of her two aunts.

The sun was already up and the early morning heat became unbearable that I decided to get up and transferred to the airconditioned sala. Since breakfast was ready, and the elders kept on prodding us, I sat on the table and ate last night’s leftover foods.

Then I returned to the sala and continued my sleep in the sofa, joining the other nephews and nieces. Ah! No work, no worries!

We drove for home mid afternoon. My wife was already tipsy from lack of sleep. Upon reaching our room, she went straight to bed and dozed off while I took a shower. Then I watched TV with my bro in law and nephews. Wow! Animax presentation was a 10-hour run of Inuyasha. We missed the first two episodes though. But nevertheless, we were able to watch the remaining three episodes until midnight. My wife got up at 10 pm and joined us to watch the last show. She grumbled upon knowing that the main characters where half-men and half-demons.

December 26. Still no work! Sleep was from 1am to 9am. My head was heavy and aching from oversleeping. At breakfast, we’re all tired of eating ham, and I thought of the dried fish for a change. I was even searching for a can of sardines, but there was none anymore.

Sleep, TV, dried fish and sardines: These are what I craved for after Christmas.


tin said...

hahaha! im watching inuyasha too. tee-hee-hee-hee! :D

ah! sardines! halos araw araw kong ulam yan, lalo na pag tinatamad akong magluto! hehehe!

manilenya said...

ei pahabol po sa pasko
merry christmas and a happy new year :)