Thursday, December 07, 2006

Football Crazy

Ever since we had cable TV, I’ve been following European football closely. This is now the third year wherein I woke up at dawn (or deferred sleep) just to watch the Champion’s League. Chelsea is my favorite team. And Jose Mourinho is my favorite manager. Though I’m miles away, I am following them thru the internet, magazines and cable TV.

I saw live on TV the thrashing of Barcelona by Chelsea, the controversial loss to Liverpool in the semis, and the amazing comeback of the Reds against the highly favored AC Milan, all in 2004.

In 2005, my Chelsea team got drubbed by Barcelona, who ultimately became champs after displaying beautiful football against Arsenal.

Just this early dawn, I watched how Manchester United came from behind to beat Benfica (3-1), who scared them with an amazing drive that hit the net early in the first half. This same team trounced Man U out early in the eliminations last year.

My team would still be Chelsea. I hope they’ll win the EPL, the UEFA Champion’s League and all the cups available.

But, do I play football? I quit the high school football club on the second day of training. I hated jogging ten rounds (plus ten more if I came late). I played softball and badminton, but I envied the soccer players who attracted most of the fans.

Just a little bit of info here: Barcelona’s all-time leading scorer, Paulino Alcantara, is a Filipino. He is the first Asian football superstar. Perhaps, we were once a football-crazy nation, before we were colonized by the Americans.


Sportingo said...

Greetings -- great article on chelsea. Do you write about the team often?

fayenget said...

i love football too.. i used to watched UEFA.. because of my ex-bf hehehe.

Lazarus said...

hi sportingo! i don't write about chelsea more often. This is my first time i've blog about football. But I'll blog more as they progress.

hi faye! football is already gaining some popularity here. We have two players (the Younghusbands) on the national team who are also playing in the youth team of Chelsea FC in London.

iskoo said...

sa kota kinabalu malaysia, sobrang lapit lang sa zamboanga, football ang mga nakikita kong laro nila, naisip ko nga bakit sa pinas hindi nauso ang football?

cruise said...

mas gusto ko football kaysa basketball, sayang di talaga naging popular sports ang football sa pinas.