Sunday, December 31, 2006

Embracing the New Year

I welcome the new year with open arms. Ah, fresh start! But that does not mean that the past year's hurts and problems will go away. Yeah, the load is carried over. Too bad the debts are not condoned, and those time wasted and unused are no longer redeemable.

But I thank God for the new year. I should look at 2007 with fresh eyes. There will be new challenges at work, play and at home. There will be new dreams and new horizons to explore. I should not be weary in doing good. I still have a mission.

50th post

This is my 50th post, and some 2,000 others have viewed my site. This is despite the fact that I have not listed this blog in technorati or in other blog search engines. Thank you my blogger friends for encouraging me to blog. Thanks to this guy for teaching me the basics in blogging and to this lady for posting the first comment. Right after her first comment, I went bloghopping. There was no stopping from then on.

Happy New Yeay to everyone! May the Lord Jesus Christ will reign in your hearts and bless you abundantly.


pauL said...

hey! have a blessed year ahead! and belated merry christmas! *lol (ako na ata ang super late bumati ng christmas. *lol)

Vince said...

ahh, so many things to be thankful to God! one of those? blogging :D

Great new year ahead, lazarus.

tin said...

Let's thank God for the blessings and welcome the 2007! :)

Happy new year!! :)

Iskoo said...

congratulations, more blogging years to come.

Peace in your heart
Warmth in your soul
Contentment in your life
Joy in your home
May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures!
Happy New Year to you and your family!

Francesca said...

Every year we improve for the best lazarus. keep up the good work. with co bloggers we gain friends even not personally and thats already gifts from above.

Your year ahead will be fruitful. You are a spiritual man guided by principles, i dont think so you would fail.
lolo michel and francesca

sasha said...

Amen to what you've written. There are a lot of things to be thankful for, both good and bad. And a lot more to look forward to this 2007 :)

Happy New Year, Lazarus! Take care always and God bless! ^_^

Swipe said...

I hope this will be a fruitful year for everyone.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

Still Alive and Swiping

M I C H E L L E said...

Happy new year to you and more entry to come...

Thank God for His wonderful blessings :)

Abaniko said...

All the best in 2007! Congrats on your 50th post. Keep on blogging, okay? Cheers!

manilenya said...

Happy new year and happy 50th post ako nawawala ang 250 post ko lol .... and most of all happy blogging sayo :)

cruise said...

dami mo na pala post at dami na rin nakakabasa. i am sure nakakapagbigay ka ng magandang influence sa nagbabasa sayo, you've been sharing the Good News and somehow youre seeding to everyone who visit to your site. God bless you!

Lazarus said...

paul, it's never too late to greet Merry Christmas. he he he. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year din sa yo.

bro. vince, yup you're right. Thank God for blogs!

tin, happy new year to you! Thank God for the blessings, and for the good and bad things!

Lazarus said...

iskoo, may you also always be blessed with priceless treasures!

francesca, i wish you, lolo, and your kids all the best for 2007. I'm glad that you're now reunited with them.

Sasha, God bless you too! Indeed, there are plenty to look forward to in 2007. Ingat ka palagi.

Swipe, may you have a fruitful year there in Australia. I wish you all the best!

Lazarus said...

Michelle, happy new year to you too. THere will be more entries to come in 2007. Keep on visiting.

Abaniko, thanks and I wish you all the best too! 50th post ko pa lang to on this site. I aim to reach my 100th by end of April.

Manilenya, 250 posts? that's really a lot!

Cruise, thanks for the encouragement! God bless din sa you! Keep on posting those travel pics.

niceheart said...

Congratulations on your 50th post. And Happy new year too!

Lazarus said...

thanks Niceheart! I wish you and your family the best! God bless!

JO said...

hi. thanks for visiting my site.

keep on blogging...

happy new year!!!

alvin said...

Congrats! Soon, people will be congratulating you on your 100th post. :-)
Happy New Year! All the best...