Sunday, September 16, 2007


I was chatting with an ex-colleague (ex-classmate and kumare) whom I knew grew up in a mainstream protestant church, but was in a religious vacuum since college. We were talking about the death of another colleague’s husband who succumbed to a liver ailment at age 39.

‘People should not die that young. It should be on their 70’s” she said.

“Like we know when our time will come”, was my unanswered reply.

- - - - * - - - -

Another friend of mine insists that there is no afterlife. We die and return to dust. He was quite proud about his unbelief, and was even insulting at some point because I believe in God and the Bible. No, I did not ask God to strike him down. I just prayed that his eyes be opened.

I’d rather believe in what Jesus said about heaven and the future residence of the saved rather than what our politicians offer. Nothingness is not even an option.

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