Tuesday, September 25, 2007

U2 and Worship

"U2 Rocks the House (of God)
Bono inspires worship with an edge.by Elizabeth Diffin

Where the Streets Have No Name. Beautiful Day. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Yahweh. For fans of the Irish band U2, these are familiar rock songs. But to a growing number of Christians, they're becoming tunes for worship, and for the Eucharist. " read full article here.

I am U2 fan but I really don't know what has gotten into their heads. Call me traditional, conservative or whatever. I am happy with the traditional way.

But hey, God loves variety too, doesn't He? As long as they really worship God and not U2, that may be acceptable.


tin-tin said...

so iba music ng u2 sa u2christ?

carey said...

I am curious about the lyrics, did they change them to fit with the worship? coz I am familiar with most of U2's songs and most of the lyrics don't seem so. anyway, we can't really judge how others worship God. :)

iskoo said...

alam ko christian talaga si bono, inspired nga sa u2 ang mga modern worship songs ngayon. i hope magapit pa si bono para maihatid ang mga tao sa tunay na pagsamba sa tunay na Dyos!

Lazarus said...

Tin, U2 is a famous rock band. They're Irish non-catholic Christians. Bono, their lead singer is active in various humanitarian organizations.

Carey, I don't think they changed the lyrics. Some U2 songs have subtle meanings.

iskoo, i read an online article once about Bono and his christian convictions. Especially that time nung nag-umpisa palang sila sa banda. Iba din ang mission nya: bringing a positive message to the people in the dark.

Daisy said...

U2 can very well use their fame to bring more people closer to God - by their songs, works...

Annamanila said...

Just reminded me of a Dulce concert i attended sponsored by a Christian group. She sang a modified version of AKO ang Nagwagi, Ako ang Nasawi as a celebration of God's love. I like it too.

I think artists sometimes go through a spiritual change and they want their music to reflect it too. And more than that ... to share their srengthened faith to others.

Not everybody will be pleased. But that is their choice.

lazarus said...

daisy, some are just blessed with fame and influence, like U2 and bono.

anna, singing songs is one of those we can offer God as our worship. And it can strenghten and inspire others too.